Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Mr. David Zolnowsky, Commissioner, Bureau of Information & Telecommunications, introduced staff and made opening remarks00:01:50
Mr. Jim Edman, Deputy Commissioner & Chief Security Officer, BIT, presented FY18 budget to the Joint Committee as recommended by the Governor00:02:44
Senator Tidemann - question what is usage, capacity, and status of the (REED) Network00:05:53
Data Centers - Page 4 Budget Briefing00:09:09
Applications Development Group - Lean Study - Page 5 Budget Briefing00:09:55
Representative Ahlers - question Development Division spending authority - FY16 Actual, FY17 Appropriated, and FY18 Requested Funds00:10:55
Representative Ahlers - question what is the reason for increase in South Dakota Public Broadcasting Engineering and changes in South Dakota Programming/Production00:15:18
Senator Tidemann - question why did South Dakota Public Broadcasting Engineering Expenses increase in FY16 and requested Follow-up00:19:54
Senator Peters - question what was the spending authority spike for South Dakota Public Broadcasting Engineering 00:20:48
Representative Peterson - question what is the $436,405 funding increase in South Dakota Public Broadcasting Programming/Production and requested Follow-up00:21:36
Mr. Pat Snow, Telecommunications Services Director & Chief Technology Officer, made FY18 budget request for licensing and security to the Joint Committee00:23:32
Senator Partridge - question will installation of user software help with compliance and avoid litigation00:30:00
Senator Peters - question what are costs associated with annual subscription of Microsoft software and number of subscribers and expressed concerned older laptops won't be compatible with new software00:32:50
Representative Bartels - question will the Microsoft Windows upgrade have networking and other fees associated with server costs00:36:16
Senator Peters - question who and how many hacker attacks have there been in the past year and requested Follow-Up00:37:57
Ms. Julie Overgaard, South Dakota Public Broadcasting Director, made FY18 budget request - Page 1000:40:10
Representative Karr - question what are budgeting costs for South Dakota Public TV and South Dakota Public Radio00:42:05
Representative Bartels - question what is the $436,405 FY18 increase for South Dakota Public Boadcasting Programming and is it general funds 00:43:50
Senator Nesiba - question what makes up the Other Fund Category and is it Friends of South Dakota Broadcasting- Page 9 Budget Briefing 00:46:10
Senator Tidemann - question how do you determine rates charged for services to other agencies00:47:20
Senator Tidemann - question how do BIT rates charged to other agencies compare to other states and are the rates regulated 00:49:10
Senator Peters - question how urgent is it to upgrade state radio and what is the coverage gap00:51:07
Representative Karr - question how does the lean process affect rates charged to other state agencies 00:55:33
Senator Peters - question what is the long term billing effect from the lean process00:56:40
Representative Karr - question when will agency anticipated a rate decrease from lean process 00:57:13
Representative Lake - question what is the plan to upgrade state radio communication network00:58:50
Senator Peters - question what is the timeline and background to address state radio communication network and requested Follow-up 01:01:45
Mr. Scott Bollinger, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Administration, introduced staff and made FY18 budget request to the Joint Committee01:03:30
Representative Anderson - question is the BOA involved with central assessments01:06:00
Representative Hunhoff - question is there bidding for the sale leaseback program01:08:35
Representative Anderson - question has an analysis been done for leasing versus purchasing vehicles 01:09:15
Representative Lake - question are vehicles replaced or purchased after the lease every 6 years01:09:55
Central Services - FY18 budget request $703,777 for state vehicles - Page 10 Budget Briefing01:10:15
Senator White - question what is the residual value owed on a vehicle after the end of the lease01:11:20
Senator Nesiba - question what are the details of the outstanding Extraordinary Litigation Fund cases 01:11:58
Obligation Recovery Center - Page 18 - Budget Briefing01:15:05
Senator Partridge - question is there a way to track which agency has collected obligations and requested Follow-Up01:18:00
The Obligation Recovery Center update as of December 31, 201601:20:45
Senator Cronin - question has anyone had their driver's license revoked through the Obligation Recovery Center01:22:45
Senator Sutton - requested Follow-Up - how many people have had revoked driver's licenses from the Obligation Recover Center and requested Follow-Up01:23:30
Representative Anderson - question what is the Captive Insurance Pool up date01:26:29
As of December 30, 2016 the State of South Dakota has appraised $4.5 billion in assets that are covered by the Property Captive Insurance Pool 01:30:05
Banking Trust Captive started January 1, 2017 and is first one in the nation01:32:50
Ms. Laurie Gill, Commissioner, Bureau of Human Resources, made BHR Budget Presentation to the Joint Committee01:36:15
Executive Team - Four Divisions - Page 201:37:30
BHR Workforce - Statistics - Page 301:40:05
Representative Anderson - question has turnover changed significantly since FY1601:42:50
Representative Hunhoff - question would you explain other BHR sites are outside of Pierre01:43:35
FY18 Governor's Recommended Budget - FY18 $86,384 Annual maintenance cost for imaging software - Page 401:44:56
Questions - Page 501:46:15
Representative Hunhoff - question what is the process to gain employment in state government01:46:53
Representative Hunhoff - question how are you addressing difficulties recruiting state government workforce01:48:43
Ms. Laurie Gill, Commissioner, Bureau of Human Resources, presented State Employee Compensation to the Joint Committee01:53:30
Workforce Demographics - Pie Chart - Page 201:54:14
Workforce Number by County - Map - Page 301:55:40
Workforce Density by County - Map - Page 401:56:02
Turnover & Unemployment - State Unemployment and State Employee Turnover - Chart - Page 501:56:43
Representative Hunhoff - question what age group left state government when turnover was14.4% and requested Follow-Up01:57:51
Compensation Philosophy Components - Page 601:59:40
Salary Structure Adjustments - Page 702:01:18
Salary Structure Adjustments - Chart - Page 802:01:50
Salary Structure Adjustments - Page 902:02:27
What is a Pay Range - Chart - Page 1002:03:20
Standard Pay Adjustments - Page 1102:03:45
Artificial Minimums - Page 1202:05:30
Representative Karr - question what are employee payment goals of BHR02:07:00
Pay Range Example - With Artificial Minimum - Page 1302:08:25
Total Remuneration Study - Page 1402:08:51
FY18 Governor's Budget Recommendations - Market Adjustment 1%, Adjust artificial minimums to 90% of true market minimums, and 4% increase in cost to the state for Employee Health Insurance02:09:31
FY18 Governor's Budget Recommendations - Total Increase for Compensation Plan $6,105,939 - Page 1602:10:44
Representative Lake - question how many employees are affected if you adjusted artificial minimum02:13:05
Representative Hunhoff - question what group of employees are compensated for higher work risk and do they receive special pay plans and requested Follow-Up 02:14:25
Representative Ahlers - question will the South Dakota Risk Pool be needed if the Affordable Care Act is repealed02:18:15
Senator Cronin - question what was the history and balance of the South Dakota Risk Pool Fund02:21:43
Senator Cronin - question was there $6,000,000 in South Dakota Risk Pool and were there alot of large claims and is the South Dakota Risk Pool still active02:23:01
Representative Hunhoff - comment about the history of the South Dakota Risk Pool 02:24:13
Senator Nesiba - question what law enforcement groups may qualify for career band status02:26:28
Senator Nesiba - question will any Penitentiary Correction Employees be part of the Law Enforcement Salary Structure 02:28:22
South Dakota State Employee Benefits Program - Page 1702:29:40
Health Plan Overview - Page 1802:30:15
Health Plan Challenges - Page 1902:31:50
Representative Anderson - question what is amount of health plan reserve02:33:30
Representative Hunhoff - question what happened to state contract when Dakota Care ownership changed02:33:58
Health Plan Design - Page 2002:34:47
FY18 Plan Design Changes - Low and High Deductible Plans - Page 2102:36:52
Representative Hunhoff - question what is an example of a preventative drug formulary02:38:35
Representative Bartels - question are there incentives to purchase generic drugs versus name brand drugs and is plan affected by Sanford withdrawl from Dakota Care Network 02:39:20
FY17 Average Enrollments Numbers - Page 2202:42:24
Health Plan Members by County - Map - Page 2302:43:10
Full Accrual Basis Financial Statement - Page 2402:43:58
Representative Karr - question what is history of Over / Under Recovery in FY16 and what was cause of rate reduction02:49:50
Senator White - question what is basis for determining anticipated claim expenses02:56:15
Annoucements and Adjourn02:59:45