Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Mike Jaspers, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture00:02:00
Introduction of department staff00:02:18
Mission is to promote, protect and preserve agriculture for today and tomorrow00:03:21
Overview of the department:00:04:04
Structure - 5 divisions, 14 boards, commissions and councils00:04:32
4 Advisory Boards, 10 Policy/Budgetary Boards00:04:50
The department receives approximately 0.4% of the state general funds00:05:36
FY18 Budget request totals $49,132,22200:05:55
The department budget request totals $17,881,095 with $4,816,351 in general funds00:06:16
FTE totals 225.9 (including Boards and Commissions)00:06:40
Department has a history of utilizing more than 90% of its FTE00:07:33
Proposed Legislation includes SB 14 and SB 1500:08:25
Chris Petersen, Finance Officer discussed budget adjustments00:09:58
All FY18 general fund budget adjustments deal with the Wildland Fire Division00:10:33
Summary of Budget Adjustments: Division of Wildland Fire 00:12:11
FY18 Estimated Expenses: $1,645,000 with a Total Net Impact on State General Fund of $1,71400:18:25
Senator White question on FTE helping fight fires out of state00:19:10
Summary of Budget Adjustments: Boards, Commissions & Councils00:22:00
Total FY18 Increases in Other Fund Authority $2,868,13400:22:40
Senator Tidemann question on the increase for the Corn Utilization Council00:23:15
Agriculture Services: 31.0 FTE and a budget of $4,475,25700:24:25
Pesticide Regulatory Program00:25:45
Representative Hunhoff question on current deficit spending00:27:27
Representative Hunhoff question on investigation of pesticide complaints00:27:50
Representative Lake question on pesticide complaints00:29:15
Representative Anderson question on ratio of complaints between commercial vs. farmer00:31:45
Senator Tidemann question on federal funding that's no longer available00:34:28
Agricultural Development: 9 FTE and a budget of $1,465,71900:36:26
Senator Partridge question on incoming ag producer00:38:21
Senator Sutton question on incoming producer programs/bond program00:40:20
Representative Hunhoff requested data on programs discussed00:42:00
Resource Conservation & Forestry: 20 FTE and a budget of $2,772,95600:42:55
Wildland Fire Division: 48.9 FTE and a budget of $4,498,44300:43:30
State Fair Division: 19.5 FTE and a budget of $3,546,12600:44:12
Representative Carson question on State Fair hosting a national rodeo00:45:10
Peggy Besch, State Fair Manager spoke to the National Junior Rodeo00:45:40
2016 Accomplishments:00:48:50
2016 State Fair: attendance, camping and exhibits were up, largest state fair in state history00:49:05
Representative Ahlers question on miscellaneous revenue performance indicators00:51:26
State Conservation Commission - 42 grants awarded totaling $811,01300:54:40
Beating the Beetle00:56:12
Bill Smith, Resource Conservation and Forestry spoke to "treated trees"00:58:12
2016 Fire Season - more than 550 fires on state, private and federal lands00:59:05
Senator Peters question on reimbursement for fighting out-of-state fires01:02:00
Skid Steer (within the Wildland Fire Division) - zero workman's comp claims01:03:15
Senator White comments regarding using inmate labor to fight fires01:04:20
Jay Esperance, Wildland Fire Director spoke to the use of inmates01:05:12
Announcement of the 2017 Governor's Ag Summit in Aberdeen, July 12-13, 201701:10:30
Senator Haverly question regarding meat inspection01:11:00
Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, State Veterinarian spoke to meat inspectors01:11:45
Representative Karr question on possible lifting of the ethanol mandate01:13:25
Senator Sutton question on future trade agreements01:15:53
Trevor Jones, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety01:18:15
Department of Public Safety structure: 408 FTE, Patrol Division being the largest01:19:11
The department receives 0.2% of all state general funds totaling $3,763,05001:19:53
Department Success Stories - 2016:01:20:45
Fatal Crash Reduction Progress - 115 fatalities in 201601:21:00
Lesson Learned01:22:00
Highway Patrol Squad Enforcement Projects01:24:40
Fatal crashes were reduced by 53% comparing 2016 to 201501:25:00
Representative Hunhoff question on seat belt compliance01:26:45
Driver Licensing Update - new program implemented in January of 201601:28:15
2013 legislation allows citizens to renew their licenses online01:29:00
Many rural electric coops utilized FEMA funds to bury overhead powerlines01:29:14
Office of Emergency Management01:29:58
Hazard Mitigation Works01:30:16
Office of the State Fire Marshal01:31:05
The Task Force used Cisco, a certified canine01:31:45
Office of Homeland Security01:32:21
Senator Partridge question on staff time for new drivers licensing program01:34:05
Amendments to General Appropriation for FY17 (SB 32)01:35:25
Requesting increase of $952,628 in federal fund authority 01:35:40
FY18 Budget Request - $885,264 with $43,500 in general funds01:36:30
FTE Utilization - underutilized FTE are generally from Highway Patrol01:37:08
Representative Anderson question on request for additional federal fund authority01:38:37
Angie Lemieux, Director of Administration01:39:20
Representative Bartels question on replacing highway patrol officers01:39:47
Colonel Price, Superintendent of SD Highway Patrol01:40:08
Senator Tidemann question on number of highway patrol needed01:40:35
Turnover Rates01:41:57
Representative Karr question on 91101:43:00
Senator Peters question regarding State Radio towers01:45:35
Senator Peters question on 911 Coordination Board01:48:05
Representative Anderson question regarding FTE request for Smart On Crime Task Force recommendations01:49:25
Andy Gerlach, Secretary of the Department of Revenue01:55:45
Mission of the Department of Revenue01:56:45
Department Organizational Chart - 8 Divisions01:57:30
The department is located in 8 communities across the state01:59:30
Turnover - 11.4% in FY1602:00:05
Representative Hunhoff question on recruitment to Pierre02:01:55
Representative Ahlers question on recruitment, working with the Pierre Chamber02:04:22
FY2018 Recommended Budget: $75,249,999; $1,301,766 in general funds and 249.5 FTE02:05:55
Department is predominately funded with Other Funds (97.9%)02:06:15
Representative Anderson question on source of Other Funds02:06:44
Comparison of FY17 and FY18 Budgets by Personal Services & Operating Expenses02:06:50
Senator Tidemann question on sales and use tax funding02:07:55
John Hanson, Finance Director explained the distribution of funds02:09:25
Senator Peters question on weekly transfers to the general fund02:10:40
FY18 Recommended Budget for the Secretariat - $3,801,25102:13:20
FY18 Recommended Budget for Business Tax - $4,585,04402:13:45
FY18 Recommended Budget for Motor Vehicle - $9,234,69702:14:10
FY18 Recommended Budget: An increase of $352,878 over FY17 involving other and federal funds02:15:05
Senator Peters question on Federal grant for Commercial Motor Vehicle Systems02:15:50
Senator Peters question regarding Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Program & Investigative Unit02:18:48
Senator Peters question re:was there a corresponding reduction of 1 FTE in Public Safety budget02:20:50
Senator Peters question on process for obtaining a new VIN number02:21:10
Lisa Weyer, Director of Motor Vehicles re:obtaining a new VIN number02:21:50
Investigative Unit - Title Fraud02:25:50
FY18 Requested Budget for Commercial Motor Vehicle Systems grant02:27:20
FY18 Recommended Budget for Property & Special Taxes - $1,301,76602:27:50
FY18 Recommended Budget for Audits - $4,609,71102:28:15
FY18 Recommended Budget for Instant & On-Line - $38,403,67702:29:30
610 retailers across South Dakota participate in Instant & On-Line02:30:20
FY18 Recommended Budget for Video Lottery - $2,633,74302:31:06
Currently 1,331 video lottery establishments02:31:16
The number of establishments with video lottery is declining02:31:28
When a prize is awarded, 50% of the money goes back to the retailer, 49.5% goes to state general fund, .05% goes to the department budget02:31:40
Senator Tidemann question on percent of new and old machines02:32:10
Senator Nesiba question on funding for gambling addiction02:33:52
Senator Nesiba comments on new machines and addiction02:35:13
Representative Karr question on bet limits on video lottery02:36:06
Senator Sutton question on taxing fantasy sports02:39:30
Discussion of taxing fantasy sports02:40:05
FY18 Recommended Budget for Commission on Gaming - $10,680,11002:43:18
Discussion of LEAN Process in the Department of Revenue02:44:27
FY17 Budget Changes - the department has no changes to the FY17 budget02:44:37
FY17 Emergency Special Appropriation for elderly and persons with a disability02:44:50
Senator Patridge question on the LEAN process02:45:38
Secretary Gerlach provided the Committee with the department's efforts in Lottery Licensing02:46:44
Senator Peters question on LEAN process in other areas of the department02:49:12
Marcia Hultman, Secretary of the Department of Labor & Regulation02:52:13
Introduction of department staff02:52:50
Mission Statement02:54:30
Department receives 0.1% of the state's general funds02:55:40
Department is funded by federal (69%) and other (26%) funds02:55:55
The Labor Market Information Unit and Unemployment Insurance Division are housed in Aberdeen02:57:20
Secretariat Budget Request - $12,435,896 and 52.5 FTE02:58:00
This budget request includes a $500,000 reduction in federal fund expenditure authority02:58:25
Accomplishments of the Secretariat Division02:59:18
Unemployment Insurance Program is funded by employer taxes03:01:48
Unemployment Insurance benefit maximum is $380/week and averages $31203:02:28
Discussion of the department's program assisting the unemployed to gain employment03:05:10
The program striving to put people back to work had an estimated savings of $10.1 million to the UI fund over its 4-year history.03:08:20
Senator Nesiba question on what percent of people have requested funding03:08:38
Representative Carson question on unemployment Spouse's Military reassignment03:09:50
Representative Ahlers question on seasonal workers seeking employment03:10:28
Unemployment Insurance Budget Request - $6,808,594 and 74 FTE03:12:20
This budget request includes a reduction of $608,857 in federal fund expenditure authority and 2 FTE03:12:40
Representative Bartels question on pool distributions and transfers during FY1703:14:34
Emily Ward, Administrative Services Director explained the transfers03:15:30
Senator Peters comments on realignment and budget transfers03:17:07
Creates administrative fee to supplement the funding in UI division's operations03:18:56
Senator Tidemann comments on future budget transfers03:19:15
Proposed Legislation: Creates a reduced tax table for unemployment insurance taxes03:22:00
South Dakota's Unemployment Trust Fund is currently at $110 million03:23:10
Senator Nesiba question on reduced tax to employers03:24:55
Senator Peters question on interest and penalty for late filers03:27:13
In the past 8.5% of employers paid late, that has decreased to 4.5%, generating $125,000-$250,00003:27:30
Representative Ahlers question on the level of employment that the fund balance is based on03:28:05
Senator Patridge question on whether the new fee will exceed what is necessary03:30:20
Field Operations FY18 Budget Request - 166 FTE and $12,468,62203:31:05
State Labor Law Administration Budget Request - 16 FTE and $1,583,401, a reduction in federal funds of $133,189 and 3 FTE03:32:20
Banking FY18 Budget Request - 29.5 FTE and $3,479,49903:33:45
Securities FY18 Budget Request - 5.7 FTE and $433,810, a reduction of $107,954 in other funds03:34:25
Senator Partridge question on new federal legislation03:35:08
Insurance FY18 Budget Request - 32 FTE and $2,952,78003:35:45
Boards and Commissions03:36:35
Senator Peters question on FTE utilization03:37:18
Senator Peters question on recruiting employees03:38:33
Senator Tidemann commented on college career days03:39:10
Senator Partridge comments on the LEAN Program03:40:00
Senator Peters comments on the LEAN Program03:41:35