Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Mr. Marty Jackley, Attorney General, presented the FY18 Budget as recommended by the Governor00:02:00
FY18 Budget Briefing, Attorney General - Page 200:02:40
Total by Program, Fund and Object - Page 300:03:54
Request and Recommendation Summary - Page 400:04:17
Criminal Division - Attorney Criminal Cases by Fiscal Year - Chart - Page 500:12:23
Notable Criminal Cases Pending - Page 600:13:10
Notable Criminal Cases Convictions - Page 700:14:24
Civil Litigation - 2016 Civil Division Summary - Pie Chart - Page 800:15:57
Civil Litigation - Cases Opened - Chart - Page 900:16:21
Notable Pending Civil Litigation - Chart - Page 1000:16:58
Senator White - question on the Duerre v. Vonk civil case and when will a decision be made00:21:22
Senator Tidemann - question does the Duerre v. Vonk case address with non-meandering water issues00:22:31
Civil Prisoner Litigation - FY16 Civil Prisoner Cases - Statistics - Page 1100:23:09
FY16 Tobacco Activities - Page 1200:23:53
FY16 Medicaid Fraud Control Unit - Page 1300:24:43
Consumer Contracts - Graph - Page 1400:25:19
Appellate Division - Briefs - Chart - Page 1500:25:40
Notable Appellate Decisions - Page 1600:25:49
Notable Pending Appellate Litigation Murder / Manslaughter Cases - Page 1700:26:07
Senator Cronin - question how is Medicaid fraud money collected 00:26:39
Senator Cronin - question how much do you anticipate to recover and where are the funds deposited 00:27:33
Division of Criminal Investigation FY16 DCI Cases - Chart - Page 1800:28:40
Department of Criminal Investigation Comparison - Fiscal Year 2013 - 2016 - Page 1900:28:50
Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine Statistics - Calendar Year - Page 2000:31:25
Senator Cronin - question what is the source of the increase in DNA lab tests and are you able to keep up with in-house lab testing 00:31:35
Senator Tidemann - question how many DNA lab tests are done for the county and what is maximum number of cases can you handle00:33:09
Representative Hunhoff - question are students taking law enforcement training classes at technical school and who pays for the costs offered at the technical school or through the DCI 00:34:09
Senator Cronin - question are lab tests billed back to the county00:36:30
Representative Carson - question how are instructors paid to teach LET courses00:36:59
Senator Tidemann - question is the space lab funded by general funds00:37:48
Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine Statistics - Calendar Year - Chart - Page 2000:38:40
2016 Methamphetamine - State Map - Page 2100:40:26
Methamphetamine Law Enforcement Initiative - Page 2200:40:41
Senator Partridge - question is there a need for both DCI agents and Highway Patrol Officers to address drug traffickers 00:42:20
Senator Partridge - question is trend for need for additional law enforcement going to continue 00:43:30
Senator Nesiba - question how is education and rehabilitation working to fight Methamphetamine issues00:43:53
Senator White - question does the Attorney General's office have a TIPs program, similar to that used by Game, Fish, and Parks 00:45:22
Emerging Trends - Heroin - DCI - DTF Investigated Cases - Chart - Page 2300:47:35
Representative Anderson - question is marijuana seized during heroin drug busts00:48:53
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) - Pie Chart - Quantity of Tablets / Doses - Most Prescribed Drugs 2016 - Page 2400:49:25
Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) - 39 total arrests - Page 2500:50:38
DNA / Serology - Chart - Page 2600:51:36
Representative Hunhoff - question how does the back-log lab tests help the prosecution 00:52:24
Sexual Assault Kit Project - Chart - Page 2700:52:45
Representative Hunhoff - how old are cases that were part of back-log 00:54:21
Officer Involved Shootings - Page 2800:54:51
Drug Control Fund - Distributed to Law Enforcement - Chart - Page 2900:55:49
Representative Hunhoff - question when will the Drug Control Funds for 2016 be distributed and reported00:57:05
Senator Tidemann - question how many drug dogs does the agency have00:57:35
24/7 Sobriety Program - Distributed to Law Enforcement - Chart - Page 3000:58:08
Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) - Page 3100:59:04
Senator Partridge - question does the Social Security Administration Proposal have federal funding for FTE's for CDI program00:59:50
Representative Hunhoff - question how did you determine the anticipated number of cases for the CDI unit 01:00:20
Representative Hunhoff - question why has DSS found no problems in SNAP program and asked what is the need of the CDI program01:01:08
Senator Tidemann - question how long will CDI program last01:04:02
Representative Hunhoff - question how does DSS Fraud and Abuse program differ from the CDI Fraud program01:05:02
Elder Abuse - Page 3201:06:08
Representative Hunhoff - question are the 192 referrals from DSS screened for DCI to investigate01:07:58
SAVIN - Page 3301:08:39
Senator Partridge - question what should be funding priority - victim side or legal services team01:12:03
Senator White - how did you determine which counties to transition into SAVIN program01:15:10
2016 CODIS Hits Data Base - DNA - Success Stories - Page 3401:16:31
Honorable Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court, David Gilbertson, Unified Judicial System, introduced staff and made remarks 01:27:00
Mr. Greg Sattizahn, State Court Administrator, Unified Judicial System, (UJS), made FY18 Budget request as recommended by the Governor01:30:35
UJS Organizational Chart - Page 201:31:25
UJS Judicial Circuits - Map - Page 301:32:23
Who Pays for What: Counties Pay and State Pays - Page 401:32:39
FY18 Funding Level - $55,015,672 - Pie Chart - Page 501:34:41
Senator Nesiba - question is the States Attorney office funded at the county level01:34:47
FY16 UJS Selected Disbursements - Pie Chart - Page 601:36:12
The Judicial Branch Budget - Chart - Page 701:37:36
FY18 Budget Breakdown by Program - Pie Chart - Page 801:38:06
FY18 Budget Request - 1.2% increase - Page 901:39:15
FY18 Budget Request / Major Items - Page 1001:39:44
Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) / State Court Administrator's Office (SCAO) Secretary - 1 FTE - Page 1101:40:42
Drug / DUI Courts - State Map - Page 1201:43:37
Senator Haverly - question what are Veteran's Courts and what is their purpose (Page 12)01:45:50
Senator Tidemann - question how long does it take to start up a Drug / DUI Court01:47:42
Drug / DUI Courts - Capacity and Clients Served - Chart - Page 1301:48:55
Representative Lake - question to clarify the capacity and number of clients served 01:50:23
Drug / DUI Court Outcomes - FY12 -FY16 - Chart - Page 1401:51:03
Representative Anderson - question are you collecting data on potential candidates to increase the graduation rates 01:53:07
Representative Ahlers - question is CBISA therapy provided to Drug / DUI Courts clients and has this treatment resulted in an increased success rate 01:55:10
Drug / DUI Court Operating Expenses - Page 1501:57:52
Representative Peterson - question would you use Teen Challenge as low intensity residential treatment 02:01:18
Senator Ahlers - question how much is UJS proposing to fund CBISA per client02:01:51
Representative Hunhoff - question who receives CBISA funding and how do you derive costs for providing services02:02:42
Representative Hunhoff - question is DSS billing UJS for CBISA services02:03:53
Representative Peterson - question do community service providers have the capacity to provide CBISA services02:04:17
Mental Health Task Force - Recommendations - Page 1602:06:46
Senator Nesiba - question are there long term plans to expand Mental Health Courts to Minnehaha County02:12:35
Representative Hunhoff - question how will you evaluate Mental Health Court success02:14:55
Representative Hunhoff - question are there short term measurements to determine the success of the Mental Health Court 02:15:56
Residential Alternative Care Program - Page 1702:18:20
Representative Hunhoff - question is there a cost comparison for Teen Challenge Program and other traditional programs 02:20:30
Representative Peterson - comment on Teen Challenge cost and question if program could be expanded for women02:22:16
Collections Postage - Page 1802:23:54
Court Automation Fund (CAF) - Revenues and Expenses - Page 1902:28:12
Court Automation Fund - Revenue by Type - Chart - Page 2002:30:15
Condition Statement - Court Automation Fund - Chart - Page 2102:31:00
2017 Proposed Adjustments - Senate Bill 32 - Requests - Page 2202:31:55
Representative Anderson - question how long is the Odyssey redaction timeline and what are the associated cost02:39:06
Representative Anderson - question will the future of the Odyssey redaction costs be funded from Court Automation Fund 02:41:30
Representative Ahlers - question would UJS charge people who filed the documents that need to be redacted 02:42:12
Senator Cronin - question is UJS Odyssey redaction software similar to the software used by the Secretary of State and what is the number of documents that need to be addressed02:44:14
Conclusion / Questions & Answers - Page 2302:45:35
Representative Ahlers - question will the JQC / SCAO Secretary position share services and is there a conflict of interest02:45:43
Senator Partridge - question what is the Clerk of Courts staffing needs and expressed concern for lack of support from the Governor's Budget02:47:44
Representative Bartels - question are you right-sizing staffing needs in each county 02:50:21
Mr. Patrick Weber, Governor's Office, presented Public Safety Improvement Acts02:53:35
The Prison Population is Below the 2012 Projection Without the PSIA - Graph - Page 202:54:32
Taxpayers Have Avoided Paying $47,559,104 in Costs since FY14 - Chart - Page 302:56:10
The On-Going Costs in FY16 were $5,497,090 and the One-Time Costs were $1,468,130 - Chart - Page 402:57:20
While the Net Savings was Negative for FY14 and FY16, Taxpayers Have Still Saved Over $30 Million Due to Passage of the PSIA02:58:00
Senator Tidemann - question how many counties are planning to expand on their jails and requested follow-up02:58:50
Adult Public Safety Improvements Act - Department of Social Services - Page 602:59:20
Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse (CBISA) - Chart - Page 702:59:28
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) - Chart - Page 803:01:24
Budget Overview - FY18 Budget Request - Page 903:02:08
Key Takeaways - CBISA and MRT Statistics - Page 1003:02:58
Senator Tidemann - question what is percent of population that has gone through CBISA program and are now employed and requested follow-up03:04:47
Senator White - question what is recidivism rate of CBISA and MRT03:05:20
Representative Bartels - question do you have to commit a felony for these treatment services03:06:00
Adult Public Safety Improvement Act - Department of Corrections Update - Page 1103:06:45
Parole Population, Average Agent Caseload, and Parole Level of Supervision - Department of Corrections - Charts - Page 1203:06:59
Tribal Parole Program - Page 1303:09:29
Representative Anderson - question are there any federal grants that would fund the Tribal Parole Program03:12:06
Releases from Parole - Chart - Page 1403:14:07
Recidivism Rates are Down without a Significant Increase in New Prison Sentences for Parolees and Former Inmates - Chart - Page 1503:15:05
CBISA and MRT Completers Have a Lower Recidivism Rate - Chart - Page 1603:16:30
Reinvestment Fund - Page 1703:17:02
Representative Hunhoff - question how are Reinvestment Funds used at the county level03:18:13
Senator Tidemann - question why isn't Minnehaha County listed on top ten counties receiving Reinvestment Fund payments03:18:40
Adult Public Safety Improvement Act - United Judicial System - Page 1803:19:19
Felony Probation Supervision in the Community Increased 20% Since FY13 - Chart - Page 1903:19:38
Presumptive Probation - Pie Chart - Page 2003:20:09
Earned Discharge Credits - Chart and Pie Chart - Page 2103:22:20
HOPE Probation - FY16 Chart - Page 2203:24:15
Mr. A.J. Franken, Governor's Office, presented Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act to the Joint Committee - Page 2303:28:38
Findings - Commitment - Pie Chart - Page 2403:29:41
Findings Commitment - Average Time Spent Out-of-Home During Commitment - Graph - Page 2503:30:12
Work Group: Findings - Probation - Page 2603:30:39
Work Group: Findings - Research - Page 2703:31:46
Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act - Department of Social Services -Page 2803:33:25
Functional Family Therapy - Page 2903:33:30
Representative Hunhoff - question what is age of children in Functional Family Therapy 03:34:35
Functional Family Therapy - FY16 and FY17 Referrals Pie Chart - Page 3003:35:00
Budget Overview - Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Initiative - FY17 Budget $6,232,064 - Page 3103:36:24
Key Takeaways - Functional Family Therapy - Page 3203:37:18
Representative Hunhoff - question who will be using the new services and what is the criteria for determining the correct treatment03:38:00
Senator Tidemann - question are providers contracted with Department of Social Services 03:39:55
Representative Bartels - question are you tracking how successful Function Family Therapy is 03:40:23
Representative Peterson - comment about success of Functional Family Therapy program in Sioux Falls 03:42:33
Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act - Department of Corrections - Page 3303:43:44
Youth Under Department of Correction Jurisdiction - Chart - Page 3403:43:50
Diversion Fiscal Incentive - Page 3503:45:15
Detention Reimbursement Program - Page 3603:46:08
Average Length of Stay in Residential Placement - FY14 to FY16 Chart - Page 3703:47:29
Amount Paid to Providers for Department of Corrections Performance Based Contracts - Chart - Page 3803:49:25
Actions Taken in Response to an Aftercare Revocation - Chart - Page 3903:50:02
Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act - Unified Judicial System03:51:08
Representative Hunhoff - question what are performance based contracts03:51:13
Average Probation Term Ordered and Average Probation Term Served - Chart - Page 4103:53:50
Youth on Probation and Violations Filed - Graph - Page 4203:55:00
Adjourn Wiik/Nesiba03:58:08