Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2017

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Denny Kaemingk, Secretary of the Department of Corrections00:01:44
Briefing on budget requests: food service, FTEs00:03:07
Introduction of staff00:03:22
Mission Statement00:04:13
Location of Facilities00:06:10
FY18 recommended budget total $109,876,77100:06:48
Adult: $87,729,466 or 80%00:07:08
Juvenile: $18,309,676 or 17%00:07:19
Administration: $3,837,629 or 3%00:07:55
General Funds account for $99,491,34400:08:12
Federal Funds account for $6,681,64300:08:27
Other Funds account for $3,703,78400:08:40
FTE: 750, 39 FTEs less than last year00:09:00
3,860 Adult Inmates, 2,392 Parolees, totaling 6,252 00:09:19
Actual Juvenile Population on December 31, 2016 was 316, 257 boys/59 girls (128 in placement and 188 on supervision)00:09:35
Department 5-Year Historical Summary00:10:37
Star Academy closure decreased the FY18 Juvenile budget to $540,88700:11:58
FY18 Major Budget Changes Overview00:12:45
FY17 General Bill Amendment Overview00:14:35
FTE Utilization00:17:25
Discussion of underutilized FTE, turnover rates and reverted P/S budget00:17:30
Senator Nesiba question on what location has the highest turnover00:18:48
Senator Nesiba question on compensation for prison guards00:20:48
Senator Sutton question on why there is shortage of staff00:21:50
Senator Sutton question on when crisis mode sets in00:24:18
Senator Nesiba question on salary comparison with neighboring states00:25:00
Senator Tidemann question on staff overtime due to vacancies00:26:16
Administration Budget Request is an increase of $46,205 in general funds for an Comprehensive Offender Mgt. System00:28:40
Laurie Feiler, Deputy Secretary presented information on Adult Corrections00:29:55
The FY17 budget for Adult Corrections was $83.2 million00:30:43
FY18 Budget Request for Adult Corrections totals $87 million00:30:48
The projected population in FY18 is an additional 188 inmates00:31:00
Changes to Adult Corrections budget are due to: Correctional Health, Food Service, Staffing and Reinvestment Grant00:31:10
Average Daily Population for Adult Inmates: 3,795 projected for FY17 and 3,845 for FY1800:31:50
FY17 was originally budgeted for 3,60700:32:15
Explanation of Classification of Inmates (Minimum and Low-Medium)00:32:35
62% of male, 69% female inmates fall into the Low Medium/Minimum Classification00:33:40
Senator Cronin question on what is low medium/minimum00:34:30
Senator Cronin requested information on type of crime and level of classification00:36:36
Male Inmate ADC by Month - June 2013 to June 201600:38:38
Female Inmate ADC by Month - June 2014 to June 216 - currently 499 with a capacity of 51500:39:35
Senator Nesiba question on percentage for each drug (meth or marijuana)00:40:30
Senator Peters question on ingestion of drugs00:41:32
Bob Dooley, Prison Operations briefed the Committee on the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield00:42:45
Secretary Kaemingk reported the average for overtime (system wide) amounts to $108,00000:44:15
Average Daily Count for FY2004-201800:44:30
Projected Population for FY17 is 1,262 and for FY18 1,27800:44:35
Representative Hunhoff question on maximum capacity for the 3 facilities00:44:51
The capacity numbers are: Mike Durfee: 1,349, Yankton: 320, Rapid City: 42000:45:00
Today's Population:1,238 at Mike Durfee, 303 at Yankton and 315 at Rapid City00:45:22
FY18 Budget Changes00:45:36
Representative Hunhoff question on the number of walk-aways from Rapid City and Yankton00:50:05
Senator Haverly question on the location of the Rapid City work center00:50:38
Senator Tidemann question what percentage of inmates work offsite at the Rapid City unit00:50:47
Mr. Dooley said most inmates on fire crews have other job assignments00:51:38
SD State Penitentiary, G. Norton Jameson Annex in Sioux Falls00:51:50
SD State Penitentiary Campus Average Daily Count for FY04-1800:52:20
SD State Penitentiary FY18 Budget Changes00:52:30
30% of the inmates are Native Americans and make up 43% of inmates in Restrictive Housing00:56:00
Representative Hunhoff question on number of youth housed out-of-state00:58:53
Senator Cronin question at what age can an individual be charged as an adult00:59:10
SD Women's Prison00:59:45
211 beds at the Main Facility, 96 in Unit E, and 149 beds in the work center00:59:58
SD Women's Prison Campus Average Daily County FY04-1801:00:45
FY18 Budget Changes01:00:54
Senator Tidemann question on dental issues due to meth 01:01:14
Pheasantland Industries01:01:45
Pheasantland Industries Shops01:01:48
Laurie Feiler spoke about Inmate Services01:02:30
Inmate Services FY18 Budget Changes01:03:06
Senator Tidemann question on extended confinement expenses01:05:14
Parole Services01:06:17
Parole Services Average End of Month Count: Projected to be 2,697 in FY17 and 2,718 in FY1801:07:22
Parole Services FY18 Budget Changes01:08:20
Representative Lake question on cost per parolee for GPS tracking01:09:37
Projected Population for FY17 is 187 and FY18 150 based on Juvenile Reform01:10:10
Kristi Bunkers, Director of Juvenile Services01:10:25
Average Daily Population of Juveniles in Placement and on Aftercare01:11:00
Juvenile Community Corrections01:11:40
Juvenile Community Corrections FY18 Budget Changes01:13:34
Senator White question on oversight of youth moving to outside systems01:15:25
Representative Hunhoff requested information on where youth are being placed01:20:03
Senator Tidemann requested information on the capacity of the in-state placements01:20:45
Star Academy - All Programs have been zeroed out01:21:00
FY18 budget request is simply to keep the campus viable for future use01:21:23
Representative Hunhoff question on STAR Academy FTE01:21:40
Senator Cronin question on compenation packages for STAR employees01:22:35
Senator Cronin requested information on the cost of "bridging the gap" between employment opportunities01:24:00
Senator Peters question on transfers related to closing STAR Academy01:24:15
Representative Carson question on the future of Aurora Plains Academy01:25:50
Senator Tidemann spoke to the success of the Governor's Housing Program01:26:59
Justin Smith, Lobbyist for SD Association of Youth Care Providers01:28:55
Mr. Smith spoke to the high turn-over rates and personnel costs01:28:57
Senator Nesiba question on the cost of increasing provider rates01:36:00
Senator Peters question on compliance of submitting cost reports by providers01:37:07
Representative Peterson question on inflationary adjustment01:40:25
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of the Department of Health01:41:00
Joan Adam, Division of Administration/Correctional Health01:42:38
Correctional Health - Department of Health - Location of Clinics01:42:45
87 FTE are a part of the Correctional Health System01:43:33
Correctional Health provides a full continuum of health care services01:43:48
Correctional Health is also the payer of health care services01:44:20
Senator Tidemann question on how many states are a part of MMCAP01:46:47
eEmergency was implemented in April of 201201:47:45
Percent of Avoided Transfers for FY17 YTD is 63.37%01:48:50
eConsultation was implemented in April 201301:50:23
eConsultations FY17 YTD is 19001:50:55
Hepatitis C - the most common chronic blood borne infection in the United States01:51:50
The New England Journal of Medicine reports 1 in 6 inmates (17%) are infected01:53:20
Treatment costs now range between $56,000 to $150,000 per case01:54:15
CHC Top 25 History - Year-to-Date for FY17 is $1,384,88601:55:00
Top 25 Inmates for FY16 (listing of disease/cost) totaled $2,329,12901:55:55
Representative Anderson question on cost per inmate, how does it compare w/general population01:56:25
Inmate ADC Increase01:57:00
South Dakota ranks in the middle with expenditures per inmate01:59:05
Senator Peters question on the amount spent per inmate01:59:50
Senator Peters question Top 25 Inmates for FY1602:00:50
Senator Nesiba question does Indian Health Services pay any of the costs02:02:02
Secretary Malsam-Rysdon said it is the state's responsibility to provide health care for inmates02:02:25
Senator Tidemann question on Medicaid/Medicare coverage02:03:36
Secretary Malsam-Rysdon said inmates are not able to seek outside insurance02:03:45
Senator Cronin question on after-care of inmates once released02:04:06
Representative Peterson question on funds used for inmates health costs02:05:05
Top 25 Inmates for FY17 year-to-date totals $1,384,88702:07:25
Representative Hunhoff question on chronic disease management02:08:30
Representative Hunhoff question on high risk inmates02:09:58
Inmate ADC Increase - $6,060 estimated for FY1702:10:25
FY17 General bill amendment is requesting an increase of $1,755,707 to cover a shortfall in Correctional Health02:10:40
Senator Cronin question on FY17 general bill amendment and FY18 request02:11:25
Correctional Health budget request02:13:00
Correctional Health FY18 Governor's Recommended Budget Summary02:14:48
Representative Bartels question on budget request for FY18 vs. FY17 base02:16:08
Senator Tidemann requested information on the pharmacy increases02:17:45
Representative Anderson question on the source of Other Funds02:18:35
Inmate Health Care Total Expenditures02:19:08
Representative Hunhoff question on percent of the prison population is high risk/chronic disease02:19:42
FY18 Correctional Healthcare Recommended Budget by agency02:20:01
38% of population need chronic care management, average age of inmate being served is 3702:20:25
1% of the population accounts for 31% of total spending, 2.7% of population accounts for 50% of total spending02:21:15
Senator Cronin question on 2 additional FTE's/clinic space02:22:05
Senator Tidemann question on age demographics of the Top 2502:23:57
Ms. Adam said the age breakdown is 49% of total cost is between 50 and 5902:24:33
Inmates 50 and older comprise the top 80%02:24:56
Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of the Department of Health presented the department's FY18 budget request02:26:50
Strategic Plan - 5 Goals02:28:20
Objectives and Strategies, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Dashboards02:30:40
Department FY18 Funding Sources - General Funds amounts to less than 10%02:31:13
FY18 Governor's Budget Recommendation totals $97,835,644 and requesting 6 FTE02:32:03
Tom Martinec, Deputy Secretary spoke to the Rural Residency Program02:33:28
Department is requesting 6 family practice residency slots02:34:00
Health Systems Development & Regulation Rural Residency Program budget02:36:41
Representative Hunhoff questions on state funding residency slots02:36:47
Senator White question on what makes a rural hospital02:40:50
Representative Hunhoff question if the slots do not fill, will students return to bigger cities02:42:55
Colleen Winter, Director of Family & Community Health 02:44:08
Cribs for Kids - requesting $140,000 in general funds02:44:15
Funding has been a special appropriation, requesting it become part of the base budget02:44:38
South Dakota has the 26th highest infant mortality rate in the U.S.02:44:58
American Indian infant mortality rate is 2 times the rate of the white population in South Dakota02:45:09
60% of infant deaths are sleep related, 47% occurred in an adult bed02:45:40
Representative Anderson asked for statistics on the decline of infant mortality rates as a result of the program02:47:18
Senator Tidemann question on how to ensure a safe sleeping environment02:48:12
WIC Data Coordinator & Vendor Support request - 1 FTE and $72,165 in federal funds02:49:08
Representative Hunhoff question on skill set for requested FTE02:50:45
PRAMS Coordinator (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System) - new federal funding \02:52:25
Requesting 1 FTE and $66,784 in federal funds02:52:35
Representative Hunhoff question on how to access the PRAMS data02:54:15
Senator Haverly question on length of time for the requested FTE02:55:50
Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion02:57:10
Epidemiologist - request of 1 FTE and $51,935 in federal funds02:57:18
Joan Adam, Director of Administration - Public Health Laboratory02:58:50
Request 1 FTE for a Forensic Chemist 02:59:05
Senator Cronin question on lab work done by the Attorney General and the Health Department03:01:20
Ms. Adam explained the work the lab does for outside agencies03:01:50
Correction Health FY18 Budget Summary03:02:35
Special Appropriation - HB104203:02:50
Senator Cronin question on lab work done for hospitals03:03:18
Senator Tidemann question on spraying for West Nile virus03:06:40