Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Administration of School and Public Lands - Motion Sheet - FY 2019 Motion Sheet G0710A00:02:44
Office of Tribal Relations - FY 2019 Motion Sheet G0710A00:03:45
Treasury Management, FY 2019 Motion Sheet G3201A00:05:25
Unclaimed Property - Information00:06:20
Senator Peters - question - is there a statutory requirement to require state treasurer on television00:07:50
Senator Tidemann - question - should the State Treasurer make a bigger effort to list unclaimed property worldwide 00:08:21
Senator Peters - question - what is the Unclaimed Property marketing strategy 00:09:24
Senator Peters - question - how much does the State Treasurer pay for social media advertising and where is it listed in their budget00:11:09
Senator Cronin - question - how much money was returned to South Dakotans for Unclaimed Property and requested additional information00:12:10
Investment of State Funds - FY 2019 Motion Sheet G3210A00:12:55
Performance Based Compensation - FY 2019 Motion Sheet G3211A00:13:35
FY 2019 State Treasurer Summary - Motion Sheet00:13:55
Department of Tourism - FY 2019 Motion Sheet Z0420A 00:17:00
Arts - FY 2019 Motion Sheet Z0441A00:17:49
Senator Haverly - comment - disagreement with Subcommittee on Motion Sheet00:20:57
Substitute Motion by Senator Nesiba/Second Haverly - Tourism and Arts - FY 2019 Motion Sheet G0420A and G0441A 00:22:00
Senator Peters - question - did the Department of Tourism transfer their excess authority to general funds or federal fund expenditure authority 00:27:18
Senator Sutton - question - why did the Department of Tourism need an additional 8.7 FTE00:27:56
Representative Lake - question - what is the reversion history of the Department of Tourism 00:28:29
Travis Dovre commented on tourism budget00:28:59
Representative Hunhoff - question - why did we revert expenditure authority in the Department of Tourism00:29:50
Representative Howard - question - would you explain balance in Tour Promotion Fund and when did they divide tourism tax and who decided where it went00:30:21
Kirk Hulstein, Department of Tourism, Industry Outreach and Development Director, responded.00:31:30
Senator Tidemann gave a historical perspective on Tourism Tax00:33:00
Representative Lake - question - what was the reason for the increased 8.7 FTE00:34:00
Senator Nesiba - commented that the Joint Appropriations Committee may want to revisit Tourism Tax next session00:34:41
Representative Howard - question - would you explain how much in savings the Department of Tourism will come from removing seasonal employees and contractual services00:35:20
Minutes - February 6, February 15, February 14, and February 1300:37:50
Adjourn - Wiik/Peters00:40:18

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