Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Mr. Jason Simmons, Principal Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Department of Health except Correctional Health00:02:55
Representative Hunhoff- question - what is the subrecipient monitoring accountant going to do for the Department of Health and was this position previously contracted00:04:05
Representative Karr - question - did we increase Cribs for Kids funding last year by $140,00000:11:31
Representative Anderson - question - why is there FTE in the Board of Pharmacy Budget00:13:20
Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Department of Health, responded00:13:41
Representative Hunhoff - question - what is the status of the licensing board for the Certified Professional Board for Midwives and how is it funded when it's not operational00:14:03
Senator White - question - what are the federal restrictions for the Tobacco Prevention Fund 00:15:47
Senator White - question - would the initiative to add another $1.00 tax on a pack of cigarettes have an impact on federal funding00:17:34
Representative Howard requested to defer Family and Community Health Motion Sheet since it includes Cribs for Kids00:18:10
Representative Ahlers - question - why is there funding authority in two different places for the Cribs for Kids account00:19:15
Jason Simmons, Principal Fiscal Analyst, responded00:19:45
Senator Tidemann - comment - would like to approve Department of Health - Family and Community Health - Motion Sheet and indicated Cribs for Kids program saves young people's lives00:20:16
Representative Howard - comment - Cribs for Kids should be run by a charity 00:20:50
Representative Anderson - question - did we authorize one-time spending in the FY17 Supplemental Bill and was any private funding used for this program00:21:28
Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon responded00:22:21
Representative Karr - question - could we add one-time funding for Cribs for Kids rather than adding it to the base funding00:22:44
Representative Howard - comment - request to defer Family and Community Health Motion Sheet until discussion is held in caucus00:23:41
Senator Sutton - question - why was there a decrease in federal funding authority for rural medicine in the the Department of Health Systems Development and Regulation Motion Sheet00:24:38
Public Testimony - Department of Human Services00:25:40
Dan Cross, Lobbyist, Community Support Providers of South Dakota, introduced Michelle Barrett who gave public testimony00:26:13
Michelle Barrett, Fort Pierre, SD gave public testimony for needed services00:26:35
Dan Cross, Lobbyist, Community Support Providers of South Dakota, gave public testimony00:30:45
Representative Peterson - question - is the total need $5,600,000 in general funds for community support providers in South Dakota00:33:26
Representative Peterson - question - does funding cover 98% of current costs and is this correct 00:34:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - are you providing case management services and receive Medicaid funding through the federal government00:35:15
Representative Howard - question - were you included in the work study group that promoted Senate Bill 147 last year00:35:53
Representative Hunhoff - question - do Community Support Providers offer case management services. How much money was lost through changes in federal law that requires conflict free case management 00:36:49
Dan Cross, Lobbyist, Community Support Providers, indicated he would provide follow-up for Representative Hunhoff00:37:12
Senator Nesiba - question - could you possibly cut services and raise wages00:38:47
Senator Cronin - question - were there provider cost savings from the new federal mandate00:39:43
Senator Nesiba - question - could you choose to not provide services so the State of South Dakota would be sympathetic to your cause00:40:25
Senator Cronin - question - how are you dealing with federal government conflict free case management rules and have your clients had to lay off employees or consolidate 00:41:00
Senator Cronin - question - did community support providers receive additional funding through residual services and did this additional funding benefit employees00:42:10
Senator Cronin - question - has the demand for community support provider services increased over the past ten years00:43:05
Representative Peterson - question - how many community support providers and community base providers are in the State of South Dakota and what is the definition of these different two type of providers00:43:50
Senator Tidemann - question - what would $11.2 million funding request cover all employees or just direct care staff00:45:56
Senator Tidemann - question - do community based providers provide 24-hour services like community support providers00:46:45
Mark Deak, Lobbyist, South Dakota Health Care Association, made public testimony00:48:00
Representative Peterson - question - what are your total funding needs if you are losing $32/day for each Medicaid patient00:49:15
Senator Cronin - question - do you make money on private pay and long-term health care00:50:25
Representative Peterson - question - do you have an estimate what percent of clients are using Medicaid, private pay, long-term health care insurance policies, and Medicare to pay for services 00:51:40
Representative Howard - question - how would additional funding be used00:52:00
Representative Howard - question - would additional funding be used to retain staff and would raising wages help retain staff00:52:25
Justin Smith, Lobbyist, South Dakota Association of Youth Care Providers, gave public testimony and provided handouts00:54:57
Representative Peterson - question - is the methodology stemmed from Senate Bill 147 working for the South Dakota Association of Youth Providers00:56:55
Department of Health - Family and Community Health Motion Sheet S0904A - Revised01:00:09
Department of Health Summary - Excluding Correctional Health - Motion to approve by Hunhoff/Wiik01:01:36
Representative Howard - comment - there wasn't enough discussion about the Cribs for Kids program01:04:46
Annie Mehlhaff, Chief Fiscal Officer, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Motion Sheets for the Bureau of Finance and Management excluding salary policy and bureau billings01:07:54
Senator Partridge - question - is there a restriction on the agencies than can use the $2,000,000 funding authority - Computer Services and Development Pool01:09:57
Bureau of Finance and Management Summary Motion Sheet - Excludes Employee Compensation and Bureau Billings - Motion Partridge/Ahlers01:12:46
Adjourn 01:15:10

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