Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2018

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Ariel Hammerquist, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheets for the Office of the Attorney General00:06:08
FY19 Office of the Attorney General Summary Motion Sheets00:07:02
Senator Partridge - question - what is the plan to fund the Elder Abuse Fund and 2.0 FTE00:07:44
Representative Bartels responded00:08:03
Representative Ahlers - question - is there any funding for litigation for opioid abuse00:09:28
Representative Hunhoff - question - how many new positions are needed for the Office of the Attorney General00:10:23
Representative Bartels commented what this request is doing is moving contractual employees to state employees for insurance purposes00:11:22
Senator Peters - question - should this committee address opioid litigation and is the tobacco settlement agreement ending soon00:11:40
Representative Anderson - comment that FY18 funds may be available to fund opioid litigation00:13:24
Senator Tidemann - comment - there are a lot of moving parts regarding the opioid litigation and tobacco settlement00:14:18
Charles McGuigan, Chief Deputy, Office of the Attorney General, gave an update on the status of the tobacco arbitration agreement from the Year 200400:15:14
Senator Tidemann - question - will an additional law enforcement training class influence the Law Enforcement Officer Training Fund00:15:57
Bryan Gortmaker, Director, Division of Criminal Investigation, Office of the Attorney General, commented on the Law Enforcement Training Program00:16:25
Office of the Attorney General, Summary Budget Motion Sheet - Motion Bartels/Partridge00:17:19
Ariel Hammerquist, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Budget Motion Sheet G271A for Unified Judicial System 00:19:15
Senator Peters made comments that the Veterans Court would save resources and is needed00:21:15
Representative Hunhoff - comment - there is still discussion concerning funding for Veterans Court 00:22:45
Senator Partridge - comment - there is a need for Veterans Court00:23:17
Unified Judicial System - Motion Sheet - G271A - Motion to Pass- Bartels/Carson - Motion Failed00:24:35
Jason Simmons, Principal Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Department of Agriculture Motion Sheet - Brand Board - G0345A00:28:22
Chris Petersen, Financial Officer, Department of Agriculture, gave Brand Board fee update and distributed handout00:30:08
Senator Cronin - has Senate Bill 29 been approved and will it affect this budget00:31:53
Representative Lake - question - what will the amendment do to Senate Bill 29 that was passed by the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources 00:33:00
Representative Lake - question - what happens when the Brand Broad runs out of money and what will be our options00:35:44
Representative Hunhoff - question - does the Department of Agriculture handout match the proposed motion sheet00:37:05
Representative Hunhoff - question - please give an update how the Brand Board uses the Office of the Attorney General for litigation and how is it contracted00:37:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - has the salary policy always increased between 2% to 5% for the Brand Board00:38:30
Representative Ahlers - question - would ranchers not renew their brand if they had the brand fee double and what is the funding discrepancy00:39:25
Senator White - question - was the financial situation of the brand board presented to other committees and commented he did not want to approve a budget with a deficit00:40:55
Department of Agriculture Motion Sheet G0345A - Motion to Pass - Lake/Tidemann00:42:45
Senator Peters - comment - the Brand Board has a history of spending more than they receive00:43:45
Lucas Martin, Fiscal Analyst, Legislative Research Council, presented FY19 Motion Sheets for Department of Education except State Aid to General Education and Special Education and Technical Schools00:46:30
Senator Partridge - question - how many employees are in the Administration for the Department of Education and give a brief description of each department's roll00:47:25
Tami Darnall, Department of Education, gave an overview of administrative duties for the 35 FTE in Administration, Secretary of Education 00:48:25
Senator Peters - question - was the South Dakota Stars Grant federally funded and why is there other federal funding attached to this program 00:54:50
Senator Peters - question - what is the funding source for the $150,000 increase in utilization00:56:20
Representative Hunhoff - question - will technical school maintenance and repair continue to be included in the E-rate fund for the blue book 00:57:50
Representative Hunhoff - question - what does the E-rate Fund listed in the blue book include00:58:02
Senator Tidemann - question - how will the additional dual credit funding owed be distributed through the Department of Education and what would happen if the additional dual credit funding wasn't approved00:59:20
Representative Karr - question - expressed concern about the costs of the dual credit program01:01:00
Summary - Department of Education Motion Sheets Excluding State Aid Education and Technical Schools - Motion Cronin/Partridge01:02:00
Senator Cronin commented there are benefits for our youth from the dual credit program and the program will help students be more prepared for post-secondary education and is open to discussion how it's funded01:03:30
Senator Tidemann - comment - the dual credit program is in many states and the program helps students reduce post-secondary expenses01:05:25
Representative Peterson - comment - the Department of Education has improved in the last five months and doesn't agree with everything and will support the budget01:06:05
Announcements - Letters of Intent01:07:39
Minutes - Feb 27th - White/Wiik01:08:03
Adjourn - Carson/Wiik01:10:00

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