Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Call to order by Representative Karr.00:02:00
Ms. Laurie Gill, Secretary, Department of Social Services, met with the Joint Committee on Appropriations, to make the FY21 budget request based on the Governor's recommendations.00:02:18
Ms. Brenda Tidball-Zeltinger, Deputy Secretary, Department of Social Services, made the department presentation to the committee. 00:12:44
Representative Hunhoff requested a list of awarded innovation grants for primary and prenatal care projects. She asked how many people were affected and what were the outcomes.00:22:50
Senator Nesiba requested a list of child care subsidy grants for medical services in FY21.00:29:50
Representative Karr requested a five-year history of TANF funds and what areas they are utilized.00:54:30
Senator Nesiba requested additional information what would the cost of living adjustment for TANF funds be and have the number of applications declined.01:00:56
Ms. Amy Iversen-Pollreisz, Deputy Secretary, Department of Social Services, presented the Behavioral Health report.01:03:16
Representative Hunhoff asked how methamphetamine prevention efforts have been implemented and requested additional information how the state is documenting success.01:06:12
Representative Hunhoff asked what the recidivism rate for methamphetamine users that have received treatment.01:09:50
Representative Hunhoff requested how many additional mental health providers have participated in methamphetamine prevention in the past three years. She also requested the location of these providers.01:11:50
Representative Hunhoff requested a list from the oversite board showing how many providers are participating in prescribing substitute opioid drugs and showing number of participants (referring to Page 32 of presentation).01:15:10
Representative Hunhoff requested a summary showing why general bill amendments have been reduced for community behavioral health (referring to page 34 of presentation).01:27:06
Representative Hunhoff inquired how many contracts have been expended to date at the Human Services Center and requested a report.01:29:00
Representative Karr requested a list of available providers and number of beds available to provide mental health services. 01:41:41
Senator Nesiba requested a list of starting salaries for direct care professionals at the Human Services Center.01:46:00
Senator Greenfield requested a list of unutilized FTE in Administration and length of time these FTE were not utilized. 02:00:45
Senator Greenfield requested additional information for the budget reduction for the child care direct assistance grant.02:02:49
Representative Karr requested additional information how many unutilized FTE's are in the Department of Social Services.02:08:15
Representative Hunhoff requested a list of which agency's generated savings from Care Coordination Agreements and how have these savings been used.02:14:30
Senator Nesiba requested a report how many people have been rejected for TANF and Medicaid and don't have health insurance in the State of South Dakota.02:18:52
Mr. Terry Dosch, Executive Director, South Dakota Council of Community Behavioral Health, gave public testimony.02:26:22
Ms. Debra Fischer-Clemens, Avera, gave public testimony.02:36:26
Adjourn Wiik/Kolbeck02:46:51

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