Committee on Appropriations A/V — 2020

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Ms. Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary, Deptartment of Health, presented the budget for the department as recommended by the Governor.00:03:28
Senator Lake asked for how much is spent on legal fees across all boards. DOH will follow-up.00:19:55
Ms. Lynne Valenti, Division Director, Health Systems Development and Regulation, Department of Health, presented.00:21:48
Rep. Howard asked for the overall picture of funding for residencies - how much are Sanford and Avera pitching in.00:25:46
Rep. Gross - why is the inflationary number 6.8% and not the actual lower number for inflation. DOH will follow-up with some of the costs that are in that number.00:29:04
Rep. Hunhoff - asked for the incidence rate of TB and STDs for the last three years at all correctional facilities and work sites. Rep. Hunhoff also wants to know what the metrics are that Correctional Health uses to determine improved health status. 00:37:30
Rep. Hunhoff wants to know what are you paying on your contract with HSC? Wants to know where the money is coming from to pay for pharmacists and pharmacy techs.00:39:06
Sen. Greenfield asked about SB16 - Where is this in statute. How many participants in this program are still in SD. DOH will bring this information to the bill hearing.00:50:42
Rep. Peterson asked for additional information on the rural residency program and how many are left after 5 years. DOH will follow up.00:57:53
Rep. Hunhoff wants to know how many dollars are being used towards suicide prevention across departments. DOH will follow up01:03:37
Rep. Hunhoff asked what the longevity or lifespan for the new units of the Helmsley AED project. DOH will follow-up.01:04:13
Sen. Sutton asked for an age breakdown of suicides in SD.01:07:27
DOH will follow up with data that compares drug overdoses and suicide deaths for Sen. Nesiba.01:13:26
Rep. Peterson asked for a geographic distribution map of the rates of suicide. DOH will provide that geographic breakdown by county.01:18:55
Ms. Mike Leidholt, Secretary, Department of Corrections, presented the budget for the department as recommended by the Governor.01:26:48
Rep. Hunhoff wants the DOC to provide to LRC Staff what is the average daily attendance at the community work centers. 01:34:26
Sen. Lake asked for the total number of individuals who are in the prison system in a given year. How many different individuals are in the system in the year? 01:40:34
Ms. Kristi Bunkers, Director of Juvenile Services, Department of Corrections, presented.02:13:25
Ms. Brittni Skipper, Budget Analyst, Bureau of Finance and Management, presented for DOC.02:25:34
Sen. White asked to know what the numbers are for overtime being paid due to vacancies. Sen Wiik asked for DOC to provide these numbers in writing to LRC Staff.02:31:17
Sen. Nesiba asked for how many inmates leave with debt and how much debt. DOC will follow-up02:49:44
Rep. Saba asked for how SD compares to other states for the cost of an inmate per day for health03:11:29
Ms. Joan Adam, Division Director, Administration, Department of Health, presented the budget for Correctional Health as recommended by the Governor.03:18:29
Rep. Hunhoff - asked for the breakdown - vs. a total number - of patients for each correctional facility03:27:10
Rep. Saba asked for the cost for transporting individuals and accompanying guards to medical appointments. DOH advised that DOC would have that information.03:37:55
Sen. Wiik asked DOH to send information to staff related to the cost savings of hiring 2 PAs as state employees vs. contractors. 03:46:02
Sen. Nesiba - how much money does the State of SD spend on healthcare overall in DSS, DOH, and with state employees. 03:49:04

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