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House Education

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Committee Agenda

Committee:    House Education
Room:    413
Date:    Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Time:    7:45 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

        SB 15*     provide for expenditures for early learning services from the special education fund.
            The Committee on Education at the request of the Department of Education

        SB 138*     revise certain provisions regarding educational data reporting.
            Senator Rave and Representative Cronin

        SB 159*     revise the state aid to general education formula by including an adjustment for students with limited English proficiency.
            Senators White, Bradford, Buhl, Heineman (Phyllis), Hunhoff (Jean), Johnston, Kirkeby, Krebs, Lucas, Maher, Monroe, Novstrup (Al), Peters, Rampelberg, Soholt, Tidemann, Tieszen, and Welke and Representatives Mickelson, Bolin, Cronin, Dryden, Duvall, Erickson, Feickert, Feinstein, Gibson, Haggar (Don), Hajek, Hansen, Hawks, Hawley, Heinert, Hickey, Johns, Magstadt, Miller, Novstrup (David), Parsley, Qualm, Ring, Rounds, Rozum, Schoenfish, Sly, Stalzer, Stevens, Tulson, Werner, Westra, Wink, and Wismer

        SB 233*     create the critical teaching needs scholarship program and to make an appropriation to the education enhancement trust fund to provide for the annual funding of the scholarships.
            Senators Rave, Adelstein, Heineman (Phyllis), Jensen, Johnston, Kirkeby, Lucas, Maher, Novstrup (Al), Olson (Russell), Rampelberg, Soholt, and Vehle and Representatives Cronin, Bartling, Bolin, Ecklund, Greenfield, Hansen, Hawks, Heinert, Johns, Kirschman, Lust, Nelson, Novstrup (David), Ring, Schaefer, Schoenfish, Schrempp, Sly, Stevens, Tulson, Tyler, Wick, and Wink


        JACQUELINE SLY, Chair