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House State Affairs

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Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:    414
Date:    Friday, February 6, 2015
Time:    7:45 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

HB 1176     authorize a person to be on the general election ballot for president or vice president and another office.
    Representatives Gosch, Langer, Mickelson, Westra, and Wink and Senators Rave, Brown, Holien, and Lederman

HB 1118     provide for oversight of postsecondary technical institutes.
    Representatives Mickelson, Bartling, Bolin, Conzet, DiSanto, Dryden, Gosch, Haggar (Don), Hawley, Jensen (Alex), Johns, Langer, Latterell, Otten (Herman), Partridge, Qualm, Romkema, Schoenbeck, Sly, Solum, Stalzer, Tulson, Westra, and Zikmund and Senators Peters, Brown, Heineman (Phyllis), Holien, Lederman, Otten (Ernie), Soholt, Sutton, and White

HB 1144     repeal and revise certain unnecessary and outdated provisions related to state affairs and government.
    The Committee on State Affairs at the request of the Office of the Governor

HB 1155     require that information be provided to a pregnant mother whose child tests positive for Down syndrome.
    Representatives Latterell, Brunner, Campbell, Conzet, Craig, Cronin, DiSanto, Greenfield (Lana), Haggar (Don), Hickey, Kaiser, Kirschman, Klumb, Qualm, Schoenfish, Stalzer, Wiik, and Zikmund and Senators Haggar (Jenna), Brown, Greenfield (Brock), Jensen (Phil), Lederman, Monroe, Novstrup (David), Olson, Omdahl, Otten (Ernie), and Rave

HB 1156     prohibit the performance of abortions due to Down syndrome and to provide a penalty therefor.
    Representatives Latterell, Anderson, Brunner, Campbell, Craig, Cronin, DiSanto, Haggar (Don), Qualm, Rounds, Stalzer, Wiik, and Zikmund and Senators Greenfield (Brock), Brown, Curd, Haggar (Jenna), Jensen (Phil), Lederman, Monroe, Novstrup (David), Olson, Omdahl, and Otten (Ernie)

HB 1179     revise the definition of a veteran.
    Representatives Wollmann, Beal, Bolin, Brunner, Campbell, Craig, Deutsch, Haggar (Don), Harrison, Haugaard, Hawley, Heinemann (Leslie), Hickey, Hunt, Johns, Kaiser, Kirschman, Klumb, Latterell, Marty, McCleerey, Mickelson, Novstrup (Al), Otten (Herman), Peterson (Kent), Qualm, Rounds, Rozum, Schoenbeck, Schoenfish, Stalzer, Verchio, Westra, Wiik, Willadsen, and Zikmund and Senators Lederman, Brown, Frerichs, Greenfield (Brock), Haggar (Jenna), Monroe, Novstrup (David), Parsley, Peterson (Jim), and Sutton