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House State Affairs

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Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:    Room 414
Date:    Monday, February 6, 2017
Time:    7:45 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

* Refer to the engrossed (amended) bill

HJR 1002     To apply for a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution of the United States to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
    Representatives Latterell, Chase, DiSanto, Haggar, Haugaard, Jensen (Kevin), May, Mickelson, Mills, Peterson (Sue), Pischke, Qualm, Schaefer, Willadsen, and Zikmund and Senators Jensen (Phil), Bolin, Langer, Maher, Netherton, Novstrup, Rusch, Stalzer, and Wiik

HB 1073     revise and repeal certain provisions regarding gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials.
    Representatives Mickelson, Bartels, Bartling, Beal, Chase, Clark, Dennert, Haggar, Hawley, Heinemann, Howard, Jensen (Kevin), Johns, Kettwig, Latterell, Lust, McPherson, Otten (Herman), Peterson (Kent), Peterson (Sue), Qualm, Reed, Rhoden, Steinhauer, Stevens, Tieszen, Tulson, and Willadsen and Senators Otten (Ernie), Curd, Ewing, Greenfield (Brock), Heinert, Langer, Maher, Nelson, Netherton, Novstrup, Soholt, and Sutton

HB 1147     revise certain provisions regarding concealed carry permits and to declare an emergency.
    Representatives Brunner, Jensen (Kevin), and Marty and Senators Stalzer, Ewing, and Jensen (Phil)

HB 1156     allow a concealed pistol in the capitol with an enhanced concealed pistol permit.
    Representatives Qualm, Brunner, Clark, Dennert, Gosch, Haggar, and Rhoden and Senators Stalzer, Jensen (Phil), Klumb, and Maher

HB 1193     rescind previous applications of the State of South Dakota for the calling of a federal constitutional convention to amend the Constitution of the United States.
    Representatives Campbell, Clark, Frye-Mueller, and Kaiser and Senators Nelson and Russell