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House State Affairs

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Committee Agenda

Committee:    House State Affairs
Room:    Room 414
Date:    Monday, March 6, 2017
Time:    7:45 AM

Individuals needing assistance, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, should contact the Legislative Research Council (605-773-3251) 48 hours before convening to make any necessary arrangements.

* Refer to the engrossed (amended) bill

SB 151*     provide certain provisions regarding investigations of misconduct by certain public officials.
    Senators Curd and Maher

SB 171*     establish the Government Accountability Task Force to study government, campaign finance, lobbyist restrictions, and ethics and to declare an emergency.
    Senators Greenfield (Brock), Curd, Ewing, Frerichs, Heinert, Kennedy, Killer, Langer, Maher, Nelson, Nesiba, Otten (Ernie), Partridge, Peters, and Sutton and Representatives Bartling, Ahlers, Glanzer, Gosch, Greenfield (Lana), Haggar, Lust, McCleerey, Mickelson, Peterson (Kent), Peterson (Sue), Qualm, Rhoden, Rounds, and York

SB 54*     revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements.
    The Committee on Legislative Procedure at the request of the Office of the Secretary of State

SB 176*     authorize the creation of public safety zones, to authorize certain actions to be implemented by the Governor and to provide certain penalties.
    The Committee on State Affairs

SB 106     enhance South Dakota.
    Senator Maher and Representative Peterson (Kent)