Senate Commerce and Energy — 2018


Jensen, Phil
Nelson, Stace
Room 423
10:00 AM
Doug Decker


Active Bills

HB 1070revise and repeal certain provisions regarding alcoholic beverages. 
HB 1078revise certain provisions regarding the removal of security freezes. 
HB 1082revise certain provisions regarding licensure for the lending of money. 
HB 1086exempt certain assisted living facilities from the salon license requirement. 
HB 1087allow certain students to test for cosmetologist, esthetician, and nail technician licensure. 
HB 1088revise the consignment sales requirements for dealers of motorcycles, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, and boat trailers. 
HB 1094revise certain provisions regarding limitations on licensees engaged in the business of making loans. 
HB 1101revise certain provisions regarding used motorcycles offered for sale at an event. 
HB 1121revise the fees for certain on-sale and off-sale retail liquor licenses. 
HB 1136revise certain provisions related to cooperatives. 
HB 1159revise certain notification provisions regarding damage of underground facilities. 
HB 1173provide for inactive status of airport liquor licenses. 
HB 1185establish provisions regarding the storage of wine at certain licensed premises. 
HB 1213revise certain provisions regarding telephone and telegraph corporations. 
HB 1236provide for the acquisition of certain motor vehicle titles by auction agencies in certain circumstances. 
SB 127revise certain requirements for a proposed wind energy facility applicant. 

Tabled Bills

HB 1051revise certain provisions regarding suspension or debarment of a business by the Bureau of Administration. 
SB 101prohibit certain nondiscriminatory pricing between malt beverage suppliers and malt beverage wholesalers. 
SB 113revise certain provisions regarding guaranteed energy savings contracts. 
SB 120require a minimum amount of paid sick leave for employees. 
SB 121prohibit employers from obtaining, seeking, or using certain prior salary information. 
SB 138revise certain provisions regarding the appointment of wind energy tax revenue to school districts. 
SB 145revise certain provisions related to claims regarding workers' compensation. 
SB 163require certain reports in the event of an oil spill. 
SB 186prohibit the cancellation or nonrenewal of a health insurance policy for a preexisting condition. 
SB 195establish certain provisions regarding the state procurement process for internet, data, and telecommunications services. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 169revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of malt beverage manufacturers and microbreweries. 

Hearing Documents