Senate Judiciary — 2019


Russell, Lance
Rusch, Arthur
Room 413
7:45 AM
Emily Kerr


Active Bills

HB 1050revise certain provisions regarding the use and possession of scanning devices and reencoders. 
HB 1061provide for a court order to test for HIV at the request of victims of certain crimes. 
HB 1063revise provisions regarding engaging in sexual activity for a fee or other compensation. 
HB 1074provide a privilege for journalists and newscasters regarding refusal to disclose information. 
HB 1103establish a lemon law for certain farm machinery. 
HB 1110establish a penalty for certain persons who fail to file a birth certificate or who fail to provide the notice required for the filing of a death certificate. 

Tabled Bills

HB 1117establish immunity from liability for injuries to or the death of a person engaged in off-road vehicle activity under certain circumstances. 
SB 127revise provisions regarding the Law Enforcement Officers Certification Commission. 
SB 144remove certain sanctions regarding public assistance for certain felony drug offenders. 
SB 150revise the penalty for possession of substances containing cannabis intended for consumption other than by smoking or inhalation. 
SB 185revise certain provisions regarding restoration to competency for criminal defendants. 

Sponsored Bills

SB 19repeal presumptive probation. 
SB 20update certain provisions regarding consumer protection. 
SB 21authorize certain tobacco manufacturers to assign to the state the interest of the manufacturer in any money in a qualified escrow fund. 

Hearing Documents

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