House Commerce and Energy — 2020



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HB 1018require a portion of the annual report filing fee paid by certain entities to be deposited in the financing statement and annual report filing fee fund. 
HB 1026revise certain provisions permitting cities and counties to issue full-service restaurant on-sale alcohol licenses. 
HB 1027provide for certain employer insurance assistance programs. 
HB 1028revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of real estate appraisers and the conditions upon which a penalty may be imposed on a real estate appraiser. 
HB 1029modify the requirements for a filing of a consent to rate for property casualty insurance. 
HB 1030repeal certain requirements for the filing of annual actuarial certifications. 
HB 1047increase the membership of the board of directors of the Economic Development Finance Authority. 
HB 1049revise certain provisions regarding captive insurance companies. 
HB 1050revise the annual financial reporting requirements of insurance companies. 
HB 1056authorize education programs required by the State Cosmetology Commission to be taught at branch schools. 
HB 1057revise the maximum reimbursement for workers' compensation burial expenses. 
HB 1058revise certain practice privileges for certified public accountants licensed in other states. 
HB 1059define and prohibit controlled business in insurance. 
HB 1060revise certain provisions regarding the mortgage lender business and to provide for fees and penalties related thereto. 

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