Senate Local Government — 2020


Jensen, Phil
Duhamel, Helene
Room 412
7:45 AM
Matt Frame


Active Bills

HB 1166revise provisions regarding the appointment of inactive watershed district boards and the reactivation of watershed districts. 
HB 1182provide for the renewal of an enhanced permit to carry a concealed pistol. 
HB 1242provide for the reissuance of certain enhanced permits to carry a concealed pistol and to declare an emergency. 

Tabled Bills

HB 1116revise provisions regarding the use of perpetual care trust funds to maintain cemeteries. 
SB 58limit gifts to directors or employees of certain government districts. 
SB 79modify provisions regarding the building of fences across certain unimproved highways. 
SB 179revise the legal notice process. 
SB 182provide for certain bonds for the construction of courthouses. 

Sponsored Bills

No Sponsored Bills

Hearing Documents

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