House Education — 2020



Active Bills

HB 1177require that school district elections occur in conjunction with the general election. 
HB 1198to repeal provisions regarding maximum taxes levied by the board of a school district for the capital outlay fund. 
HB 1213preclude the assignment of exclusive broadcast rights for certain high school interscholastic activities. 
HB 1228include children with a hearing loss in the reporting criteria required for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. 
HB 1237establish the Early Learning Advisory Council. 
HB 1251establish membership of the Board of Regents. 
HB 1255remove the requirement for a mandatory appraisal in exchanges of land between school districts. 
HB 1258provide for child safety accounts for students subject to certain safety incidents. 
HCR 6010Supporting the creation of an early education advisory council. 
SB 39establish the Jobs for South Dakota's Graduates program and the special donation fund. 

Tabled Bills

HB 1143prohibit school districts from using school or athletic team names, mascots, or nicknames that are determined to be racially derogatory or discriminatory. 
HB 1145authorize certain tribal members to attend certain institutions of higher education or postsecondary technical institutes without payment of tuition. 
HB 1201provide for the distribution of a list of possible reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities. 
HB 1204lower the total amount of tax credits that may be claimed on annual premium tax returns. 
HB 1210require parental notice of a social and emotional learning questionnaire regarding a student. 
HB 1243require schools to provide instruction on South Dakota's tribal history, culture, and government. 

Sponsored Bills

HB 1030revise certain provisions regarding the Board of Technical Education. 
HB 1031revise certain provisions regarding school district fiduciary funds. 
HB 1032revise the authority of the Board of Education Standards to promulgate rules regarding certification. 

Hearing Documents

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