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Status: Meeting has adjourned.

Status: announcements

Status: 1006 passed

Status: motion to amend 1006 failed

Status: Debating

HB 1006 revise the extent of comments required by the director of the Legislative Research Council regarding certain ballot measures and the period of time in which those comments are to be made.

Status: 1004 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1004 revise certain provisions regarding petition forms for initiated measures and initiated amendments to the Constitution.

Status: 1003 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1003 revise certain provisions concerning the content of the campaign finance disclosure reports and to declare an emergency.

Status: 1001 from consent calendar passed

Status: Debating

HB 1001 revise the membership of the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council.

Status: First reading of House Bills and committee assignments made by Speaker

Status: House Select Committee RE: House Rules will be referred back to committee

Status: Reports of Standing Committees

Status: Approval of the Journal

Status: Roll call

Status: Prayer and pledge

Status: Meeting has started.
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10/22/2018 7:44 PM
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