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Status: Recess until 3 pm

Status: Debating

HB 1178 revise provisions regarding the beginning period for absentee voting.

Status: Sent to the 41st day 1184

Status: Debating

HB 1184 authorize the operation of business development banks.

Status: Passed onto the floor 1122

Status: Debating

HB 1122 revise references to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Status: Passes on to the floor 1094

Status: Debating

HB 1094 revise certain programs regarding transparency of the petition circulation process.

Status: Debating

HB 1211 revise provisions regarding lottery winner confidentiality.

Status: Roll Call and Approval of the Journal.

Status: Meeting has started.
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08/24/2019 1:07 PM
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