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Current Status:

Status: Meeting has adjourned.

Status: Announcements

Status: The balance of today's calendar was deferred to tomorrow

Status: HB 1109 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1109 revise the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.

Status: HB 1103 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1103 authorize the forensic medical examination of certain minor victims without parental or guardian consent.

Status: HB 1174 as amended passed

Status: Motiion made to amend HB 1174 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1174 establish the date of kindergarten enrollment eligibility.

Status: HB 1117 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1117 repeal and revise certain provisions regarding riot, to establish the crime of incitement to riot, and to revise provisions regarding civil liability for riot and riot boosting.

Status: HB 1112 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1112 authorize the hiring of law enforcement officers by the South Dakota State Brand Board and to declare an emergency.

Status: HB 1079 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1079 authorize a county to assess an administration fee for the processing of certain title applications.

Status: HB 1069 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1069 authorize certain veterans to attend courses offered at postsecondary technical institutes without payment of tuition.

Status: HB 1152 passed

Status: Debating

HB 1152 provide financial assistance for school sentinel training.

Status: HB 1170 was deferred to Thursday

Status: HB 1036 was referred to Committee on Appropriations

Status: HB 1153 was tabled

Status: Consent Calendar items passed (HB 1181, and SBs 31, 32, 34)

Status: First reading of Senate Bills and committee assignments made by Speaker

Status: Speaker assigned house bills to committees

Status: Reports of Standing Committees

Status: SCR6004 was concurred in

Status: Debating

SCR 604 Recognizing June as Move Over Awareness Month and urging drivers to slow down and move over for stopped vehicles.

Status: HCR6012 as amended passed

Status: Motion made to amend HCR6012 passed

Status: Debating

HCR 6012 Supporting the right to pray in public schools.

Status: SB 54 passed

Status: Debating

SB 54 regulate the use of auxiliary containers.

Status: Introductions

Status: Motion was made to reconsider vote by which SB 54 was lost and motion to reconsider passed

Status: SB 54 was placed at the top of the calendar

Status: Messages from the Senate

Status: Reports of committees

Status: Roll Call and Approval of the Journal.

Status: Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

Status: Meeting has started.
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