2018 Conference Committees - HB 1016 Minutes

When a bill or resolution has passed its house of origin, it is presented to the other house for its consideration. If the other house should amend the bill or resolution as passed by the house of origin, it is returned to the house of origin for approval of the changes. If the house of origin does not agree to the changes, one house or the other can request that a conference committee be established to work out an agreement. Upon the request of one house, the other house must appoint three members from its body to meet with three members of the requesting house.

For a bill to become law, identical versions of the bill must pass both the Senate and House of Representatives for consideration by the Governor.

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93rd Legislative Session _ 2018

Committee: 1016 A 3/6/2018 8:30:00 AM
Tuesday, March 06, 2018

                                            P - Present
                                            E - Excused
                                            A - Absent

Roll Call
P    Netherton
P    Killer
P    Bolin, Chair
P    Ring
P    Stevens
P    Johns, Chair

OTHERS PRESENT: See Original Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Representative Johns, Chair.

    HB 1016: revise certain provisions regarding the authorization to provide postsecondary education.

Others:    Guilherme Costa, Board of Regents
        Paul Turman, Board of Regents



    On page 3 of the Senate engrossed bill, delete lines 19 to 24, inclusive, and insert:


            (5)    Colorado Technical University;
            (6)(7)    Dakota State University;
            (7)(8)    Dakota Wesleyan University;
            (9)    ELS Educational Services, Inc. (d/b/a ELS Language Centers);
            (8)    Globe University;
            (10)    Headlines Academy;".

    On page 4, delete lines 1 to 20, inclusive, and insert:


            (11)    Hot Rod Institute;
            (12)    John Witherspoon College;
            (9)    Kilian Community College;
            (10)(13)    Lake Area Technical Institute;
            (11)(14)    Mitchell Technical Institute;
            (12)(15)    Mount Marty College;
            (13)(16)    National American University;
            (14)(17)    Northern State University;
            (15)(18)    Presentation College;
            (16)(19)    Sanford Medical Center;
            (17)(20)    Sioux Falls Seminary;
            (18)(21)    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology;
            (19)(22)    South Dakota State University;
            (20)(23)    Southeast Technical Institute;
            (24)    Southwest Minnesota State University;
            (25)    Stewart School;
            (21)(26)    University of Sioux Falls;
            (22)(27)    University of South Dakota; and
            (23)(28)    Western Dakota Technical Institute.".

Moved by:    Bolin
Second by:    Ring
Action:    Prevailed by roll call vote. (6-0-0-0)

Voting Yes:    Netherton, Killer, Bolin, Ring, Stevens, Johns


Moved by:    Netherton
Second by:    Killer
Action:    Prevailed by voice vote.

Glenda Woodburn


Committee Secretary
Timothy R. Johns, Chair

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