Senator Jim Bradford — 2012

Picture of Senator Jim Bradford

Party: Democrat
Term: Incumbent
District: 27
Counties: Bennett, Haakon, Jackson, Pennington, Oglala Lakota
Occupation: Retired Teacher/Rancher

Session Committees

EducationMember TTh 7:45 AM Room 423 
Health and Human ServicesMember MWF 10:00 AM Room 412 
Local GovernmentMember MWF 7:45 AM Room 412 

Interim Committees

Education Reform Advisory CouncilMember 
Post Secondary Education-Purpose and FundingMember 
State-Tribal RelationsMember 

Prime Sponsor

SB 69repeal the sunset provision on certain statutes relating to nursing homes on Indian reservations. 
SB 159authorize funding for certain tribal colleges to defray certain costs associated with educating nonbeneficiary students at tribal colleges and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1098repeal certain provisions providing for the tolling of administrative rules dealing with underground injection control Class III wells and in situ leach mining relating to uranium. 
HB 1207exempt wind farms and other energy facilities from taxation if located on an Indian reservation on land held in trust by the United States. 
HB 1217enact certain provisions relating to the federal Indian child Welfare Act and to adopt the South Dakota Indian Family Preservation Act. 
HB 1221increase the minimum wage and to provide for annual adjustments in the minimum wage equivalent to the consumer price index. 
HB 1252require the placement of fluorescent orange material on certain big game hunting blinds. 
HC 1048Acknowledging the nine sovereign Tribes within the borders of South Dakota and recognizing Governor Dennis Daugaard for his dedication to promoting a cooperative government-to-government relationship between the Tribes and the State of South Dakota. 
HCR 1002Urging Congress and the South Dakota congressional delegation to support federal legislation to protect the United States Postal Service. 
HCR 1009Urging the federal government to honor tribal identification cards. 
HCR 1014Urging the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to reconsider its proposed closure of certain VA facilities in Hot Springs. 

Co Sponsor

SB 2repeal and to make style and form revisions to certain provisions related to the Department of Human Services. 
SB 58revise certain provisions concerning elections conducted at voting centers and to declare an emergency. 
SB 60provide for the award of joint physical custody of children under certain circumstances. 
SB 61exempt the production of certain plants and sod from sales and use taxes. 
SB 74require the direct billing of anatomic pathology services. 
SB 88revise the allowable time periods for use of nonresident small game hunting licenses. 
SB 93provide for the withdrawal of referred measures in certain circumstances. 
SB 99allow certain licensees or employees of a licensed establishment who have been charged with certain felony offenses to be prohibited from entering the licensed premises. 
SB 117require that certain heliports be approved by the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission. 
SB 118revise certain documentation requirements for obtaining an operator's license. 
SB 119revise the Human Relations Act to allow certain discriminatory practices to be investigated by municipalities and counties. 
SB 120temporarily increase the state sales and use tax and to declare an emergency. 
SB 125require certain day care providers to mail notices of noncompliance. 
SB 150authorize counties and townships to permit fencing within the rights-of-way of certain minimum maintenance roads. 
SB 151provide a time period before certain action on the general appropriation bill may commence. 
SB 153authorize the transfer of certain landowner preference big game licenses. 
SB 165revise certain provisions related to the distribution of funds to sparse school districts. 
SB 174increase the 911 emergency surcharge, to revise the collection and distribution of the surcharge revenue, to provide for point of sale collection of the prepaid wireless 911 emergency surcharge, and to provide funding for the upgrade of 911 emergency services. 
SB 181repeal certain tort liability arising out of causes of action based on seduction, abduction, and alienation of affections. 
SB 189provide a designation on certain nondriver identification cards, driver licenses, and permits that the card holders or licensees are honorably discharged veterans. 
SC 1Commending and honoring the 2010-2011 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota. 
SC 7Honoring Beth Mayrose of Salem, South Dakota Girls State Governor, and Jack Gordon of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Boys State Governor; and commending the South Dakota American Legion and Auxiliary for their sponsorship and coordination of the Girls State and Boys State programs. 
SC 10Congratulating and honoring the South Dakota National Guard, both current members and all those who have served previously, on the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the South Dakota National Guard on January 27, 2012. 
SC 11Recognizing the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Office of Legislative Affairs for its assistance to the State Legislature in carrying out the 2011 legislative redistricting process. 
SC 14Congratulating Aberdeen, South Dakota, for its recognition as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People. 
SC 16Honoring Courtney Peterson of Sisseton, South Dakota, as the recipient of the 2012 Miss Rodeo South Dakota crown. 
SC 17Honoring Amy Shan of Madison as a recipient of the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. 
SC 21Congratulating and commending Wyatt DeJong of Winner, South Dakota, and the Winner FFA Chapter for his outstanding year as the 2010-2011 National FFA Central Region Vice President. 
SC 23Honoring and commending the citizens of South Dakota for their exemplary response to the Missouri River Flood of 2011. 
SC 27Recognizing the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the reported death of Sacagawea in present day South Dakota. 
SC 29Recognizing the achievements of the South Dakota State University Women's and Men's Basketball Teams. 
SCR 2Urging the United States Postal Service to reconsider the closing of post offices in rural South Dakota. 
SCR 4Supporting the concept and further development of South Dakota First, an initiative for success and development. 
HB 1004reduce the term allowed for covenants not to compete. 
HB 1066allow for the cremation of deceased persons who are indigent and the funeral expenses are the financial responsibility of the county. 
HB 1067guarantee an employee's right to secure a physician and other medical services of their choosing for care under a worker's compensation claim. 
HB 1068guarantee the right of individuals to secure medical services of their choosing. 
HB 1076retain certain members of municipal governing bodies in office following the redistricting of municipal wards. 
HB 1079revise certain publication date citations for references to the International Building Code. 
HB 1107revise certain provisions concerning the bonding authority of the South Dakota Conservancy District. 
HB 1110establish an education funding goal for elementary and secondary education in South Dakota. 
HB 1115exempt certain contracts from the competitive bidding requirements for water user districts. 
HB 1122revise certain provisions relating to the vacation, change, or location of highways. 
HB 1144enhance educational and economic activities for Native Americans. 
HB 1153revise and clarify certain provisions relating to the revocation of fur dealer licenses. 
HB 1156revise procedures and requirements relating to special assessments and the financing of local improvements. 
HB 1162revise certain provisions relating to the platting and annexation of subdivisions. 
HB 1172exempt certain developer-installed storm sewer detention ponds from public procurement bid requirements. 
HB 1173revise certain provisions regarding the administration of the county legal expense relief program. 
HB 1178revise certain provisions relating to the disposal of local government property. 
HB 1183limit copayment or coinsurance amounts for physical and occupational therapy services. 
HB 1187exempt health care sharing ministries from the provisions of the health insurance code. 
HB 1195authorize the collection of fees for certain educational programming and services, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1198revise the definition of firearm to include certain antique, muzzle-loading, and black powder weapons in certain circumstances. 
HB 1206make an appropriation for emergency food assistance grants and to repeal the sales tax on food refund program. 
HB 1208establish the South Dakota Early Learning Advisory Council. 
HB 1216lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services. 
HB 1225revise the distribution of earnings from the education enhancement trust fund, and to establish the teacher compensation enhancement program. 
HB 1226revise the index factor in the state aid to general education and state aid to special education formulas, and to require the Legislature to estimate general fund revenues for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year. 
HB 1227revise certain provisions with regard to the rights of industrial and construction equipment dealers. 
HB 1231provide that hydraulic fracturing is an acceptable recovery process in South Dakota. 
HB 1235revise certain provisions relating to the South Dakota state flag. 
HB 1242revise the general appropriations act for fiscal year 2012. 
HC 1001Honoring and supporting the Scotland Kuchen Feier on the occasion of its third annual event. 
HC 1005Congratulating and honoring Rob Monson on his election as the 2011-2012 President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals. 
HC 1006Honoring and commemorating the anniversary in 2012 of the fifty-fourth annual Schmeckfest in Freeman, South Dakota. 
HC 1009Commending and honoring the 2011 Habitat for Humanity South Dakota Habitat Supporters of the Year. 
HC 1010Commending and honoring the Parker State Class B Boys' Cross Country Champions. 
HC 1013Commending and honoring those who served in the Korean War, on the sixtieth anniversary of the war's end. 
HC 1014Commending and honoring Dennis Povondra, business manager at Bon Homme 4-2 School District, on his retirement after thirty-six years of exceptional service. 
HC 1015Celebrating and honoring Tabor's Annual Czech Days Festivities on the occasion of its sixty-fourth anniversary on June 14, 15, 16, 2012. 
HC 1016Commending and honoring Avon Elementary School as a National Blue Ribbon school for outstanding academic achievement. 
HC 1021Commending and honoring the VFW Voice of Democracy, Patriot's Pen, and Teachers of the Year award winners of 2012. 
HC 1022Honoring and commemorating Roger Nelson for his life-long commitment to sports in South Dakota. 
HC 1025Thanking and commending Sanford Health, the University of South Dakota, and the Matson Halverson Christiansen Hamilton Foundation for their tireless efforts to promote rural economic development in South Dakota by assisting rural South Dakota's nontraditional students as they complete their healthcare degrees through the Prairie Futures initiative. 
HC 1039Commending and honoring Darin Peterka of Miller High School for his outstanding athletic performance. 
HC 1050Commending and honoring the town of Pierpont, South Dakota, on its one hundred twenty-fifth anniversary. 
HC 1064Commending and honoring Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota, on receiving the designation as a Finalist With Distinction in the first annual Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Program. 
HCR 1006in opposition to certain actions by animal rights groups to undermine agricultural producers. 
HCR 1007Urging the members of the South Dakota Congressional delegation to sponsor and support the Marketplace Fairness Act and the Marketplace Equity Act. 
HCR 1008Recognizing the week of June 25 through June 29, 2012, as Ag Week in South Dakota. 
HCR 1012Directing the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to return a mountain lion carcass or pelt to a certain Harding County resident and to reconsider its policy with respect to possession of mountain lion carcasses and pelts. 
HCR 1018Urging Congress to restore the impact aid program. 
HJR 1002To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session. 
HJR 1003Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article VI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the right of individuals to secure medical services of their choosing. 
HJR 1006Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XIII, sections 20 and 21 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the trust fund created from the proceeds of the state cement enterprise sales. 


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