Senator J. Mark Johnston — 2012

Picture of Senator J. Mark Johnston

Party: Republican
Term: New Member
District: 12
Counties: Lincoln, Minnehaha
Occupation: Healthcare

Session Committees

Commerce and EnergyMember TTh 10:00 AM Room 423 
EducationChair TTh 7:45 AM Room 423 
State AffairsMember MWF 10:00 AM Room 414 

Interim Committees

Education Reform Advisory CouncilMember 
Post Secondary Education-Purpose and FundingMember 

Prime Sponsor

SB 68provide that no statute of limitations applies to certain rape offenses. 
SB 98provide for a pilot program initiating two mathematics and science academies and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SC 2Commending and honoring the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers Boys Soccer Team for its 2011 State A Soccer Championship. 
SC 3Commending and honoring the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers Girls Volleyball Team for its 2011 State A Volleyball Championship. 
SC 7Honoring Beth Mayrose of Salem, South Dakota Girls State Governor, and Jack Gordon of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Boys State Governor; and commending the South Dakota American Legion and Auxiliary for their sponsorship and coordination of the Girls State and Boys State programs. 
HB 1073prohibit certain indemnity provisions in motor carrier transportation contracts. 
HB 1097revise certain provisions regulating the investment of unneeded state operating expenses in banks. 
HB 1107revise certain provisions concerning the bonding authority of the South Dakota Conservancy District. 

Co Sponsor

SB 65revise the list of products offered to consumers by motor vehicle dealers and sales finance companies. 
SB 69repeal the sunset provision on certain statutes relating to nursing homes on Indian reservations. 
SB 76revise certain provisions relating to the retirement of justices and judges. 
SB 78allow an arrest to be expunged when the criminal case is dismissed. 
SB 87allow military spouses to receive unemployment compensation if they leave their jobs due to a spouse's military transfer. 
SB 99allow certain licensees or employees of a licensed establishment who have been charged with certain felony offenses to be prohibited from entering the licensed premises. 
SB 100modify the ethanol production incentive payment to include qualified producers of biobutanol. 
SB 104revise certain provisions concerning the investment of public funds. 
SB 124revise per student allocation for state aid to education, to revise the property tax levies for the general fund of school districts, and to revise certain provisions concerning state aid and local effort. 
SB 139establish the Teach for America grant program within the Department of Education. 
SB 162provide for the designation of certified technology parks. 
SB 182revise certain provisions concerning tax incremental districts. 
SB 186update the definition of the nonsectarian textbooks that are loaned to certain students to include digital materials. 
SB 189provide a designation on certain nondriver identification cards, driver licenses, and permits that the card holders or licensees are honorably discharged veterans. 
SC 1Commending and honoring the 2010-2011 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota. 
SC 5Honoring the Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School Boys' Cross Country Team for its outstanding performance at the 2011 Boys' State Class AA Cross Country Meet. 
SC 6Congratulating the Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School Football Team and its coaches and student managers for their 2011 South Dakota State AA Championship season. 
SC 10Congratulating and honoring the South Dakota National Guard, both current members and all those who have served previously, on the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the South Dakota National Guard on January 27, 2012. 
SC 11Recognizing the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Office of Legislative Affairs for its assistance to the State Legislature in carrying out the 2011 legislative redistricting process. 
SC 13Honoring the Pierre Junior Shooters BB Gun Team as National Champions. 
SC 17Honoring Amy Shan of Madison as a recipient of the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. 
SC 23Honoring and commending the citizens of South Dakota for their exemplary response to the Missouri River Flood of 2011. 
SC 29Recognizing the achievements of the South Dakota State University Women's and Men's Basketball Teams. 
SCR 1Honoring the University of South Dakota on its one hundred fiftieth anniversary. 
SCR 3Designating the month of November as COPD Awareness Month in the State of South Dakota. 
SCR 4Supporting the concept and further development of South Dakota First, an initiative for success and development. 
SCR 5Supporting and encouraging a 2012 interim study and thorough review of drainage laws in South Dakota. 
SCR 6Urging the government of Turkey to uphold and safeguard religious and human rights and to respect the property rights and human rights of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. 
HB 1071increase the benefits that the Insurance Guarantee Association may become obligated to cover for annuities, to provide for retroactive application, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1106restore funding for certain salary and expense reimbursement programs relating to veterans' service officers and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1114amend provision limiting the time used to determine if a violation is a third or subsequent offense. 
HB 1121amend rate stability provisions to include plant additions. 
HB 1123establish the state employee work enhancement program to equalize the tuition rates paid by state employees. 
HB 1138declare that any person who maintains or provides roll-your-own cigarette machines at retail establishments are cigarette manufacturers. 
HB 1147remove the individual liability of a school board member who authorizes the making of a void contract, check or registered warrant. 
HB 1172exempt certain developer-installed storm sewer detention ponds from public procurement bid requirements. 
HB 1194revise certain provisions regarding the payment for rape and sexual offense examinations. 
HB 1204clarify certain rules of evidence to determine the value of services for which special damages may be awarded in health care malpractice cases. 
HB 1222limit the authority of South Dakota delegates to an Article V convention to amend the United States Constitution, to prohibit any delegate from exceeding such authority, and to provide certain penalties therefor. 
HB 1223exempt from sales tax certain handling fees paid by religious organizations to approved relief agencies for the distribution of food which is provided for the assistance or relief of the poor, distressed, or underprivileged through food giveaway programs. 
HB 1226revise the index factor in the state aid to general education and state aid to special education formulas, and to require the Legislature to estimate general fund revenues for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year. 
HB 1231provide that hydraulic fracturing is an acceptable recovery process in South Dakota. 
HB 1235revise certain provisions relating to the South Dakota state flag. 
HC 1004Thanking and commending the Teach for America corps members who live and teach in South Dakota for their tremendous efforts in working to ensure that every child growing up in poverty receives an excellent education. 
HC 1024Commending and honoring 2012 Miss Teen Great Plains International Alaina Bertsch on her accomplishment. 
HC 1025Thanking and commending Sanford Health, the University of South Dakota, and the Matson Halverson Christiansen Hamilton Foundation for their tireless efforts to promote rural economic development in South Dakota by assisting rural South Dakota's nontraditional students as they complete their healthcare degrees through the Prairie Futures initiative. 
HC 1042Honoring the Canton High School wrestling program. 
HC 1048Acknowledging the nine sovereign Tribes within the borders of South Dakota and recognizing Governor Dennis Daugaard for his dedication to promoting a cooperative government-to-government relationship between the Tribes and the State of South Dakota. 
HC 1064Commending and honoring Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota, on receiving the designation as a Finalist With Distinction in the first annual Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Program. 
HCR 1008Recognizing the week of June 25 through June 29, 2012, as Ag Week in South Dakota. 
HCR 1011Requesting that a United States Navy submarine be named the USS South Dakota. 
HCR 1018Urging Congress to restore the impact aid program. 
HJR 1009Requesting appropriate action by the Congress, either acting by consent of two-thirds of both houses thereof or, upon the application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states, calling a constitutional convention therefor to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to require, with certain exceptions, that the total of all federal appropriations may not exceed the total of all estimated federal revenues in any fiscal year. 


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