Number Title
2017-08 Tax Increment Financing
2017-07 Cigarette & Tobacco Taxation
2017-06 Alcohol Regulations
2017-05 Early Childhood Education
2017-04 Cooperative Extension Service
2017-03 Refugee Resettlement
2017-02 Initiatives And Referenda
2017-01 Regional Comparison Of Post-Secondary Tuition And Fees
2016-04 Civil Forfeiture
2016-03 Partition Fencing
2016-02 Property Taxation - A Modern History
2016-01 Legislative Compensation
2015-01 Property Taxation
2014-05 State Health Plan
2014-04 Liquidated Costs And Surcharges Collected By The Unified Judicial System
2014-03 Regental Scholarship Programs
2014-02 Basics Behind The Poverty Level
2014-01 Petroleum Release Compensation Fund And Tank Inspection Fee
2013-01 Five Major Funds
2012-04 History Of The State-Tribal Relations Committee
2012-03 Sales Tax Collection Allowance
2012-02 Older Drivers, Teen Drivers, And Distracted Driving
2012-01 Telecommunication Traffic Pumping
2010-04 Wind Energy Development In South Dakota
2010-03 South Dakota's Compliance With The Real Id Act
2010-02 South Dakota Department Of Military And Veterans Affairs
2010-01 Highway Needs And Highway Revenues
2007-02 The Federal Student Loan Program
2007-01 Issues Surrounding Methamphetamine Use
2006-03 Review Of South Dakota Railroads
2006-02 An Unscientific Inquiry Into The Causes Of Dropping Out Of School
2006-01 Competition Between Government And Private Enterprise
2005-02 Economic Development In South Dakota Incentives For Growth And Advancement
2005-01 Clawback Provision Of The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement And Modernization Act Of 2003
2004-04 Conservation Easements
2004-03 9-1-1 System
2004-02 Medicaid--A Study Focusing On Cost Containment, Demographics And Comparison With The Systems In Other States
2004-01 Liquidated Costs And Surcharge Collected By The Unified Judicial System
2003-05 Taxation
2003-04 The Roles Of Innovation And Venture Capital In Economic Development
2003-03 Sales Tax On Food
2003-02 The Regulation Of Vehicle, Implement, And Equipment Dealer Franchises And Dealer Agreements
2003-01 Consumer-Directed Health Care
2002-03 Alternative Lending And Legislative Policy
2002-02 Five Major Funds
2002-01 Education Regulation
2001-03 Alcoholic Beverage Licensing And Taxing Provisions
2001-02 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
2001-01 Standardized Testing In Education
2000-08 Wind Energy
2000-07 The Use Tax And The Implications Of The Use Tax On Business Operations
2000-06 Issues Related To The Establishment Of Nursing Homes On Indian Reservations
2000-05 Alcoholic Beverage Licensing And Taxing Provisions
2000-04 Financial Responsibility And Uninsured Motorists
2000-03 A Review Of The State's Bonding Practices
2000-02 South Dakota's Visitation Enforcement Task Force
2000-01 Basics Behind The Poverty Level
1999-22 Legislative Intent And The Impact Of Technology
1999-21 Inhalant Abuse
1999-20 The Cost Of The Death Penalty
1999-19 Average Daily Membership In The State Aid To Education Formula
1999-18 Pesticide Registration Fee
1999-17 Eminent Domain, Railroads, And Legislative Policy: The South Dakota Experience
1999-16 Eminent Domain: A Legal Introduction
1999-15 Federal Dwi Funding--Penalties And Incentives
1999-14 The Missouri River Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Bill--1999
1999-13 Safety Inspections Of Larger Motor Vehicles
1999-12 The Petroleum Release Compensation And Tank Inspection Fee
1999-11 Mandated Benefits
1999-10 Chip: An Introduction
1999-09 Restrictions On The Driving Privileges Of The Elderly
1999-08 A Review Of Livestock Packer Legislation--1999
1999-07 An Update On Performance Budgeting In South Dakota Government
1999-06 Tax-Exempt Property In South Dakota
1999-05 Taxation Of Electronic Commerce And Mail Order Sales
1999-04 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility
1999-03 The South Dakota Army National Guard
1999-02 A Review Of The Use Of The Future Fund For The Mickelson Scholars Program And Discussion Of Merit-Based Scholarships
1999-01 A Primer On The 1998 Tobacco Settlement
1998-24 Subsequent Injury Fund
1998-23 Welfare Reform Revisited
1998-22 Referred Law 2: An Act To Transfer The Unclaimed Property Office From The State Treasurer's Office To The Secretary Of Revenue
1998-20 Constitutional Amendment H: Constitutional Amendment Relating To The Age Qualifications For Legislative Office, Governor And Lieutenant Governor
1998-19 Constitutional Amendment G: Constitutional Amendment Permitting The Investment Of The Permanent School Funds In Certain Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, And Other Financial Investments
1998-18 Constitutional Amendment F: Constitutional Amendment Relating To Classification Of Property For Purposes Of School Taxation
1998-17 Constitutional Amendment E: Initiated Constitutional Amendment Relating To Corporate Farming
1998-16 Constitutional Amendment D: Constitutional Amendment Authorizing Local Initiatives To Provide For The Cooperation And Organization Of Local Government
1998-15 Constitutional Amendment C: Constitutional Amendment Relating To Legislative Conflicts Of Interest
1998-14 Constitutional Amendment B: Constitutional Amendment Relating To The Authority Of A Special Interim Legislative Committee To Approve The Transfer Of Appropriated Funds
1998-13 Constitutional Amendment A: Initiated Constitutional Amendment To Prohibit Property Taxes For School Funding
1998-12 Comparison Of Single-Member And Multiple-Member House Districts
1998-11 Vacancies, Qualifications, And Conflicts Of Interest
1998-10 Initiative And Referendum
1998-09 An Overview Of Constitutional Provisions Relating To The Legislature But Located Outside Of Article Iii
1998-08 Constitutional Revision Commission--Activities Regarding The Legislative Article
1998-07 Successful Amendments To The Legislative Article
1998-06 Transfer Of Appropriations
1998-05 Biennal Budgeting
1998-04 The Role Of The Lieutenant Governor
1998-03 Bicameral Vs. Unicameral Legislatures
1998-02 State Legislator Compensation
1998-01 A Summary Analysis Of Article Iii Of The South Dakota Constitution
1997-27 Corrections Costs: Issues And Difficulties
1997-26 Revenue Sources For Highway Needs
1997-25 Highway Needs
1997-24 Congregate Housing--Health Care Related And Exempt From Taxation
1997-23 Scarlet Letter Laws
1997-22 Informational Budgets
1997-21 Medical Savings Accounts And Other Medicaid Funding Concepts
1997-20 A Review Of Legislative Studies Of Higher Education
1997-19 A Discussion Of Legislating By Letter Of Intent
1997-18 South Dakota's Economic Development Loan Fund--Ten Years Later
1997-17 Medicaid Managed Care
1997-16 Blizzards, Floods And Fema
1997-15 Open Enrollment
1997-14 Lay Midwifery: A Reasonable Alternative?
1997-13 A History Of Special Appropriations
1997-12 Public Employee Retirement Issues
1997-11 A South Dakota Statistical Collection
1997-10 The Desirability And Advisability Of Revising And Consolidating South Dakota's Statutes On Cooperatives
1997-09 Property Tax Exemptions For 501(C)(3)'S (Charitable & Benevolent Organizations)
1997-08 Budget Transfers
1997-07 The Consumer Price Index And The Implications Of Proposed Revisions To The Consumer Price Index
1997-06 Civil Penalties: Where Does The Money Go?
1997-05 Natural Resource-Related Special Purpose Districts In South Dakota
1997-04 The Wiring The Schools Program
1997-03 A Summary Of The Fiscal Year 1998 General Appropriations Act
1997-02 Digital Signatures
1997-01 National Rural Physician Recruitment And Retention
1996-29 Constitutional Foundation Of The Two-Thirds Vote Requirement
1996-28 Legislative Immunity
1996-27 Defining Medical Indigence: A Continuing Problem
1996-26 Update On Consolidations Of Personnel, Computer, Fleet, And Inspection Activities
1996-25 Reorganization Of The Department Of Transportation
1996-24 Analysis Of Nursing Home Reimbursement System And Construction Moratorium
1996-23 Federal Student Loan Program: The Relationship Between The State And South Dakota Loan Finance Corporation
1996-22 Gender-Based Price Discrimination: Does It Require A New Solution Or Enforcement Of An Old Law?
1996-21 Section Line Hunting: South Dakota Tradition, South Dakota Controversy
1996-20 Maintenance And Repair Programs For State Buildings
1996-19 Highway Revenue Changes--A Decade Later
1996-18 Medical Savings Accounts
1996-17 Rural Rehabilitation Fund
1996-16 A History Of The Decline Of The Number Of School Districts In South Dakota
1996-15 The Administrative Rules Promulgation Process: A Primer
1996-14 An Overview Of The 1996 Farm Bill
1996-13 The Evoluation Of The Insanity Defense: Juries Adrift In The Realms Of Psychiatry And Semantics
1996-12 South Dakota's Early Presidential Primary
1996-11 The Legislative Day: Time As A Parliamentary Concept
1996-10 Municipal Sales Tax: Implementation And Variances
1996-09 Minimum Driving Age
1996-08 Overview Of Social Services For The Elderly
1996-07 The Game, Fish And Parks Fund
1996-06 Medical Malpractice Damage Cap Ruled Unconstitutional
1996-05 Technology In The Classroom
1996-04 Amendment A: Proposed Change In The Investment Of The Permanent School Fund
1996-03 Constitutional Amendment B: Hjr 1003: Requiring A Two-Thirds Vote To Impose Or Increase Taxes
1996-02 Direct Primaries And The Democratization Of The Party Nominating Process
1996-01 Home Rule In South Dakota--An Update
1995-39 Property Tax Reduction Program
1995-38 Parental Responsibility For Juvenile Crime: Solution Or Failure?
1995-37 Prison Demographics: A Comparison Of North Dakota And South Dakota Prison Populations
1995-36 Majority-Minority Districts: Legislative Reapportionment After Miller V. Johnson
1995-35 Transaction Tax
1995-34 Workers' Compensation 24-Hour Coverage
1995-33 States Requiring Fiscal Notes For Adoption Of Administrative Rules
1995-32 Proposals To Require Mandatory Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients
1995-31 Continuing Appropriations
1995-30 Juvenile Detention
1995-29 South Dakota's Weed And Pest Control Program
1995-28 The State Aid To Education Formula Enacted By The 1995 Legislature
1995-27 Overview Of Billing By State Agencies
1995-26 Change In The Process Of Collecting Fuel Taxes
1995-25 Electronic Monitoring
1995-24 Comparison Of The Neighboring State Tax Systems
1995-23 Overview Of South Dakota's 1995 Health Care Legislation
1995-22 Term Limits And The Supreme Court: Fathoming The Minds Of The Founding Fathers
1995-21 Boot Camps: A New Approach To Juvenile Justice
1995-20 A Review Of Laws Affecting Combining Elected County Offices
1995-19 A History And Comparison Of Tobacco Taxes & Fees
1995-18 Private Shooting Preserves
1995-17 The Mission Of The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
1995-16 An Analysis Of The Funding Of Domestic Abuse Shelters
1995-15 State Museums
1995-14 South Dakota's Commodity Checkoff Programs
1995-13 A Review Of The Higher Education Funding Formula
1995-12 Comparison Of Tourism Promotion Funding By All Fifty States
1995-11 State Radio Communications--Its Role In State Government And Anticipated Changes In Its Operation
1995-10 The Amendatory Veto: The Governor As Participant In The Legislative Process
1995-09 Special Motor Vehicle License Plates
1995-08 The Licensure Of Private Investigators
1995-07 Overview Of 1995 Child Welfare Legislation
1995-06 Repeal Of K-12 Education Mandates By The 1995 Legislature
1995-05 A Review Of State-Funded Grant Programs For Post-Secondary Students
1995-04 A Summary Of The General Appropriations Act
1995-03 Nursing Home & Alternative Services For Elderly Native Amercians
1995-02 Review Of Cost-Sharing Grants To Conservation Districts
1995-01 Emergency & Disaster Fund
1994-42 The Impact Of The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act On State-Tribal Relations: Issues For The Nineties
1994-41 Initiated Measure 1: An Initiated Measure To Reduce Property Taxes
1994-40 Amendment A--The Taxation Of School And Public Lands
1994-39 The Education Lawsuit: Bezdichek, Et Al. V. South Dakota
1994-38 Programs Funded With Highway Safety Funds
1994-37 John Morrell And Company Incentive Package
1994-36 Constitutional Amendment B: Voting Age
1994-35 Overview Of Juvenile Services In South Dakota
1994-34 Review Of The Usage Of State-Owned Aircraft
1994-33 A Cost Comparison Of Corrections Institutions In North Dakota And South Dakota
1994-32 A Summary Of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Provisions
1994-31 Constitutional Amendment D: Age Qualification Of Legislators
1994-30 Micro-Enterprise Loan Program
1994-29 Referred Law 2--Mandatory Use Of Safety Belts
1994-28 Constitutional Amendment E: Video Lottery Continuation
1994-27 Dedicated Revenues
1994-26 Special Sessions Of The South Dakota Legislature
1994-25 Amendment C--Proposed Change To The Investment Restrictions Of The Permanent School Fund
1994-24 Unclaimed And Abandoned Property
1994-23 Overview Of Articles 3 And 4 Of The Uniform Commercial Code
1994-22 Probate Revision In South Dakota
1994-21 Safety Belt Laws
1994-20 South Dakota Office Of Administrative Hearings
1994-19 Capital Construction Fund
1994-18 Overview Of Federal Medicaid Regulations
1994-17 Tax Exempt Property In South Dakota Under Article Xi, Section 6
1994-16 A Comparison Of Higher Education Fte Count With All Of State Government
1994-15 Centrally Assessed Property
1994-14 Restructuring Of The South Dakota National Guard
1994-13 State Veteran's Home And Hospital
1994-12 A Description Of The South Dakota Legislature's Appropriations Process
1994-11 An Overview Of The Bureau Of Information And Telecommunications
1994-10 W.H.H. Beadle And The South Dakota Common School Lands: An Historical Overview Of Amendment A
1994-09 State Tax Collection Agreements With Tribes
1994-08 Health Care Reform--1994 Session
1994-07 1994 Workers' Compensation Legislation
1994-06 Geographic Information Systems And Global Positioning Systems In State Government
1994-05 Total Quality Management And Performance Budgeting
1994-04 Division Of Emergency Management
1994-03 Funding For Public Broadcasting
1994-02 Ethanol Policy In South Dakota