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Legislative Planning Committee Reports

Welcome to the Legislative Planning Committee's web page. Here you will find reports from state executive agencies that were compiled as part of the committee's performance management review process that began in 2016. Each report contains the agency's policy goals with accompanying performance indicators and a brief explanation of the indicators. The goal of the review process is two-fold. The first goal is to provide a consistent stream of information that the Legislature can use to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies. The second goal is to provide additional government transparency and accountability to the public.

The desire of the committee is to keep each agency report to a maximum of two pages. This, along with accompanying footnotes that contain links to further information, will give legislators and the public a quick snapshot of each agency and sources of further information.

Beginning in 2016, the committee plan is to review one-third of the executive agencies each year. This will ensure that each agency comes under review at least once every three years. In years when a particular agency is not under committee review, the agency will submit an update to its existing report. All of those updates will be accessible here.

Also available here are updates to work completed by the committee in years prior to 2016 on establishing goals for workforce development, public health, and postsecondary education.

The committee extends its thanks to the many individuals employed within the executive agencies who have participated in this review process, and invites and encourages members of the South Dakota Legislature and anyone else who is interested to take advantage of the pertinent, succinct information provided herein.

Agency/Topic ↕Date ↕
  View  **LPC Welcome Page - 20162016
  View  Department of Agriculture2016
  View  Department of Education2016
  View  Department of Environment and Natural Resources2016
  View  Department of Game, Fish and Parks2016
  View  Department of Game, Fish and Parks - Attach A2016
  View  Department of Game, Fish and Parks - Attach B2016
  View  Department of Game, Fish and Parks - Attach C2016
  View  Department of Tourism2016
  View  Department of Transportation2016
  View  Governor's Office of Economic Development2016
  View  Legislative Planning Committee - Full Report 20162016
  View  Postsecondary Education Update2016
  View  Public Health Update2016
  View  Workforce Development Update2016
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