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CHAPTER 2:01:06



 2:01:06:01         Training program required for permanent status.

 2:01:06:01.01    Priority for training.

 2:01:06:02         Temporary or probationary appointment.

 2:01:06:02.01    Emergency response appointment.

 2:01:06:03         Reciprocity.

 2:01:06:03.01    Refresher course.

 2:01:06:04         Certificate of qualification.

 2:01:06:05         Approved basic training course.

 2:01:06:06         Successful completion of training course.

 2:01:06:07         Place of training.

 2:01:06:08         Time course is conducted.

 2:01:06:09         Student discipline during basic training course.

 2:01:06:10         Repealed.

 2:01:06:11         Repealed.

 2:01:06:12         Repealed.

 2:01:06:13         Repealed.

 2:01:06:14         Dismissal.

 2:01:06:15         Appeal.

 2:01:06:16         Repealed.

 2:01:06:17         Basic requirement for continuing education of officers.

 2:01:06:17.01    Firearm requalification.

 2:01:06:17.02    Issuance, denial, or revocation of qualification.

 2:01:06:17.03    Waiver.

 2:01:06:17.04    Notification of suspension or revocation of certification --Hearing.

 2:01:06:17.05    Standards for authorization to act as firearms instructor.

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