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CHAPTER 5:02:16



 5:02:16:00         Definitions.

 5:02:16:01         Delivery of supplies to counting board -- Signing of certificate.

 5:02:16:02         Signing of oaths.

 5:02:16:03         Public vote count.

 5:02:16:04         Use of tally sheets.

 5:02:16:05         Comparison of registration list and pollbook.

 5:02:16:06         Opening ballot box.

 5:02:16:07         Folded ballots separated.

 5:02:16:08         Duplicate ballots.

 5:02:16:09         Drawing of excess ballots.

 5:02:16:09.01    Endorsing of excess ballots.

 5:02:16:10         Unstamped ballots.

 5:02:16:11         Separation of ballots.

 5:02:16:12         Order of vote counting.

 5:02:16:13         Repealed.

 5:02:16:14         Scrutiny of ballots by counting board.

 5:02:16:15         Tally of ballots.

 5:02:16:16         Repealed.

 5:02:16:17         Repealed.

 5:02:16:17.01    Write-in votes not counted.

 5:02:16:17.02    Counting imperfectly marked paper ballots.

 5:02:16:18         Repealed.

 5:02:16:19         Repealed.

 5:02:16:20         Repealed.

 5:02:16:21         Voter's intent to be determined.

 5:02:16:22         Repealed.

 5:02:16:22.01    Use of prior court decision.

 5:02:16:23         Repealed.

 5:02:16:24         Repealed.

 5:02:16:25         Unofficial returns of precinct vote.

 5:02:16:26         Entry of precinct vote on unofficial return list.

 5:02:16:27         Repealed.

 5:02:16:28         Repealed.

 5:02:16:29         Repealed.

 5:02:16:30         Repealed.

 5:02:16:31         Signing of certificates.

 5:02:16:32         Repealed.

 5:02:16:33         Procedure for placing voted ballots in the ballot box.

 5:02:16:34         Return of unvoted ballots.

 5:02:16:34.01    Return of duplicate ballots of one voter not counted.

 5:02:16:35         Ballots voted but not counted.

 5:02:16:36         Recapitulation sheet.

 5:02:16:37         Sealing of ballot box.

 5:02:16:38         Repealed.

 5:02:16:39         Form of the paper seal.

 5:02:16:40         Return and sealing of pollbook.

 5:02:16:41         Pollbook envelope seal.

 5:02:16:41.01    Return of duplicate tally sheet.

 5:02:16:42         Return of election material.

 5:02:16:43         Purpose of this chapter.

 5:02:16:44         Provisional and uncounted absentee ballot return envelope.

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