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CHAPTER 20:04:20



20:04:20:01                                Outriders.

20:04:20:02                                Associations not to furnish information to pool rooms.

20:04:20:03                                Association to prevent illegal betting.

20:04:20:04                                Association to furnish names of ejected persons.

20:04:20:05                                Association to furnish police.

20:04:20:06                                Weekly written report required -- Content.

20:04:20:07                                Repealed.

20:04:20:08                                Duties of the bookkeeper.

20:04:20:09                                Repealed.

20:04:20:10                                Yearly financial statement.

20:04:20:11                                Penalty for improperly conducted races.

20:04:20:12                                General manager may select races -- Limit on number.

20:04:20:13                                Post time.

20:04:20:14                                Meet fees.

20:04:20:15                                Repealed.

20:04:20:16                                Hours for races.

20:04:20:17                                Officials of the race.

20:04:20:18                                Appointment of officials.

20:04:20:19                                Association to report officials to the commission.

20:04:20:19.01                           List of starter assistants or gate crew and outriders required.

20:04:20:20                                Penalty for an official who leaves employment without permission.

20:04:20:21                                Combination of functions permitted.

20:04:20:22                                Restrictions on qualifications for officials.

20:04:20:23                                Wagering by officials prohibited.

20:04:20:24                                Repealed.

20:04:20:25                                Official's buying and selling of contracts upon jockeys prohibited.

20:04:20:26                                Solicitation of horse insurance by officials prohibited.

20:04:20:27                                Each official to report violations of rules.

20:04:20:28                                Clerk of the scales to weigh jockeys out and in.

20:04:20:29                                Clerk of scales to record and publish changes.

20:04:20:30                                Clerk of the scales to report infractions of the rules.

20:04:20:31                                Repealed.

20:04:20:32                                Overweight in excess of two pounds.

20:04:20:33                                Handicapper to assign weights.

20:04:20:34                                Handicapper to append day and hour to the weights.

20:04:20:35                                In case of no penalties.

20:04:20:36                                Handicapper to rectify omissions.

20:04:20:37                                Jockey room custodian to maintain order.

20:04:20:38                                Jockey room custodian to assist the clerk of the scales.

20:04:20:39                                Jockey room custodian to control access to the jockey room.

20:04:20:40                                Jockey room custodian to oversee the care of all racing colors.

20:04:20:41                                Jockey room custodian to oversee the jockey attendants.

20:04:20:42                                Jockey room custodian to prevent unlicensed attendants from assisting jockeys.

20:04:20:43                                Jockey room custodian to report irregularities.

20:04:20:44                                Jockey room custodian to oversee the appearance of the jockeys.

20:04:20:45                                Paddock judge to exclude unnecessary persons from paddock.

20:04:20:46                                Paddock judge to keep an equipment record.

20:04:20:47                                Restrictions on horse shoes.

20:04:20:48                                Paddock judge to check the order the horses leave the paddock.

20:04:20:49                                Paddock judge to report irregularities.

20:04:20:50                                Use of ponies permitted.

20:04:20:51                                Repealed.

20:04:20:52                                Determination of number of patrol judges.

20:04:20:53                                Repealed.

20:04:20:54                                Announcement of decision of stewards.

20:04:20:55                                Decision when stewards differ.

20:04:20:56                                Use of camera to aid stewards.

20:04:20:57                                Approval of photographer by commission.

20:04:20:58                                Requirements for photography.

20:04:20:59                                Motion pictures.

20:04:20:60                                File for film.

20:04:20:61                                Repealed.

20:04:20:62                                Racing secretary to assure eligibility of entries.

20:04:20:63                                Racing secretary to keep a record of all races.

20:04:20:64                                Racing secretary to assign stabling.

20:04:20:65                                Racing secretary to maintain a record of all races won.

20:04:20:66                                Racing secretary to compile an official program.

20:04:20:66.01                           Association or racing secretary may employ outside assistance for preparation of racing program.

20:04:20:67                                Contents of official program.

20:04:20:68                                Racing secretary to receive entries, declarations, and other money.

20:04:20:69                                Racing secretary to pay over money due.

20:04:20:70                                Racing secretary to post a list of the entries.

20:04:20:71                                Repealed.

20:04:20:72                                Racing secretary to deliver copy of stakes program to commission.

20:04:20:73                                Starter or approved deputy to start race.

20:04:20:74                                Starter in case of emergency.

20:04:20:75 and 20:04:20:76    Repealed.

20:04:20:77                                Starter assistants.

20:04:20:78                                Heading or tailing permitted.

20:04:20:79                                Use of abusive language prohibited.

20:04:20:80                                Receipt of benefits by  starter prohibited -- Wager by starter prohibited.

20:04:20:81                                Excuse of injured horse from starting post.

20:04:20:82                                Right of starter to scratch unruly horses.

20:04:20:83                                Delay in alignment of horses at the post.

20:04:20:84                                Starter to notify stewards when a horse is locked in the gate.

20:04:20:85                                Starter to load horses into starting gate.

20:04:20:86                                Starter to report cause of delay.

20:04:20:87                                Starter to maintain schooling list.

20:04:20:88                                Horse on schooling list ineligible until stricken from list.

20:04:20:89                                Authority of starter and stewards to designate schooling list.

20:04:20:90                                Starter to file schooling list.

20:04:20:91                                Starter to report when horse on schooling list is permitted to start.

20:04:20:92                                Starter's orders to be obeyed.

20:04:20:93                                Approval of the starting ability of all two-year-olds required.

20:04:20:94                                Approval required for older horses which have never started.

20:04:20:95                                False starts void.

20:04:20:96                                Timers to determine official time.

20:04:20:97                                Use of electrical timing devices.

20:04:20:98                                Announcement of official time.

20:04:20:99                                Timer to report official time to clerk of scales.

20:04:20:100                         Timer to follow rules provided by the American Quarter Horse Racing Association.

20:04:20:101                         Repealed.

20:04:20:102                         Safety vests.

20:04:20:103                         Duties of the Outriders.

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