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          20:04:22:39.  Definition of apprentice -- Apprentice weight allowances. An apprentice is a person who has of his or her own free will bound himself or herself by written contract to an owner or trainer for not less than 3 or more than 5 years. The contract must be approved by and shall be filed with the commission. A contract made for less than 5 years is subject to written extension. If the person is under 18, the apprentice must have the written consent of the apprentice's parents or guardian.


          After one year of service with a racing stable, an apprentice may claim a 5-pound weight allowance in all overnight races except handicaps. The apprentice may continue this allowance for one year from the date of the apprentice's fifth winner. If the  apprentice has not ridden 40 winners in this year, the apprentice may continue the allowance for one more year or until the apprentice has ridden 40 winners, whichever comes first.


          If an apprentice jockey is unable to ride for a period of 14 consecutive days or more after the date of the apprentice's fifth winning mount because of service in the armed forces of the United States or because of physical disability, the commission may extend the time during which the apprentice weight allowance may be claimed for no longer than the time the apprentice jockey is unable to ride.


          An allowance under this rule must be claimed at the time of entry and may be waived by the trainer or the trainer's designee with consent of the stewards.


          Source: 5 SDR 87, effective April 15, 1979; transferred from ยง 20:04:06:80, 9 SDR 122, effective March 31, 1983; 10 SDR 83, effective February 5, 1984; 12 SDR 151, 12 SDR 155, effective July 1, 1986; 16 SDR 129, effective February 4, 1990; 39 SDR 119, effective January 8, 2013.

          General Authority: SDCL 42-7-56(13).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 42-7-56(13).


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