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CHAPTER 20:04:24



20:04:24:01              Calculating the value of a series of races.

20:04:24:02              Disposition of surpluses.

20:04:24:03              Computation of winnings in a stakes race.

20:04:24:04              Calculating foreign winnings.

20:04:24:05              Prizes not included.

20:04:24:06              Acknowledgement at stake nominations.

20:04:24:07              Calculating the value of a race.

20:04:24:08              Calculating the winnings.

20:04:24:09              Time period for computing winnings.

20:04:24:10              Winner defined.

20:04:24:11              Computing the value of a series of races.

20:04:24:12              Repealed.

20:04:24:13              Payment of winnings.

20:04:24:14              Effect of abandonment on purse races.

20:04:24:15              Effect of abandonment on stakes races.

20:04:24:16              Refund of money when stakes races called off.

20:04:24:17              Eligibility requirements for quarter horses.

20:04:24:18              Qualifications of grader for graded races.

20:04:24:19              Disclosure required on stable name.

20:04:24:20              Approval required for changes in identity.

20:04:24:21              Registering another registered name prohibited.

20:04:24:22              Cancellation of a stable name.

20:04:24:23              Registering another's real name prohibited.

20:04:24:24              Limitation on registration.

20:04:24:25              Leased horse racing under stable name prohibited.

20:04:24:26              Use of stable name by trainer.

20:04:24:27              Distinguishability of stable names required.

20:04:24:28              Corporate name as a stable name.

20:04:24:29              Use of stable name for advertising purposes prohibited.

20:04:24:30              When an authorized agent required.

20:04:24:31              Entering ineligible horse prohibited.

20:04:24:32              Receiving benefits for declaring an entry from a race prohibited.

20:04:24:33              Transfer of horses to avoid ineligibility prohibited.

20:04:24:33.01         Transfer of horse ownership during race meet.

20:04:24:34              Restrictions on the entries of a horse.

20:04:24:35              Starter required to be properly entered.

20:04:24:36              Person authorized to receive entries.

20:04:24:37              Form of entries.

20:04:24:38              Who may enter a horse.

20:04:24:39              Joint subscriptions.

20:04:24:40              Required information for entering a horse.

20:04:24:41              Officials may require proof that a horse's owner is not disqualified.

20:04:24:42              No requirement of notice or reason for refusal of an entry.

20:04:24:43              Repealed.

20:04:24:44              Registration requirement -- Exception.

20:04:24:45              Change of horse's name.

20:04:24:46              Repealed.

20:04:24:47              Care and saddling requirements of a starter.

20:04:24:48              Stabling requirements of a starting horse.

20:04:24:49              Registration of true ownership required.

20:04:24:50              True name of a horse's owner on the entry required.

20:04:24:51              Filing requirement for all claims on a horse.

20:04:24:52              Eligibility requirement for a horse to compete.

20:04:24:53              Horse limited to one race a day.

20:04:24:54              Entry of a horse owned by a partnership.

20:04:24:55              Repealed.

20:04:24:56              Entry of disqualified horse void.

20:04:24:57              Entering or starting a disqualified horse prohibited.

20:04:24:58              Horse on schooling list disqualified.

20:04:24:59              Horse on veterinarian's list disqualified.

20:04:24:60              Entry by a spouse of disqualified person void.

20:04:24:61              Age limit on starting horse -- Exception.

20:04:24:62              Sale of horse to disqualified person.

20:04:24:63              Entry of horse owned by a person in arrears not allowed.

20:04:24:64              Repealed.

20:04:24:65              Entry limit on number of horses of same ownership -- Exceptions.

20:04:24:66              Time trials exception.

20:04:24:67              Double entries.

20:04:24:68              Determination of starters in divided races.

20:04:24:69              Repealed.

20:04:24:70              Right of racing secretary to change an unclosed race.

20:04:24:71              Right of racing secretary to split overnight race.

20:04:24:72              Entry in a sweepstakes.

20:04:24:73              Requirement of payment of fees before a horse becomes a starter.

20:04:24:74              Refund of money for a horse prevented from racing.

20:04:24:75              Liability of nominator for stakes.

20:04:24:76              Closing of entries.

20:04:24:77              Closing of entries for sweepstakes.

20:04:24:78              Assignment of positions.

20:04:24:79              Closing of entries after designated or undesignated hour.

20:04:24:80              Proof of miscarriage of entry required.

20:04:24:81              Racing secretary to compile entries.

20:04:24:82              Determining starters and post positions.

20:04:24:83              Limit on the number of competing horses.

20:04:24:84              Scratching a horse from an overnight event.

20:04:24:85              A horse sold with engagements.

20:04:24:86              Repealed.

20:04:24:87              Eligibility requirements of a transferred horse.

20:04:24:88              Penalty for transferring a horse to avoid disqualification.

20:04:24:89              Naming an entry for a produce race.

20:04:24:90              Entry of a certain mare void.

20:04:24:91              Return of entrance money.

20:04:24:92              Time for claiming weight allowances.

20:04:24:93              Effect of failure to register a foal.

20:04:24:94              Repealed.

20:04:24:95              Effect of insufficient entries in South Dakota bred race.

20:04:24:96              Purse money added from the breeders fund.

20:04:24:97            State stewards approve conditions of races to which money from breeders fund has been added.

20:04:24:98              Qualification of leased horses.

20:04:24:99              Fees to be paid before a horse may start.

20:04:24:100     Alterations after close of entries forbidden.

20:04:24:101     Entry of horse excused for illness.

20:04:24:102     Name of jockey required.

20:04:24:103     Appointing a jockey when none named.

20:04:24:104     Change of jockeys.

20:04:24:105     "Also eligible" horses.

20:04:24:106     Effect of not declaring a horse from the also eligible list.

20:04:24:107     Post position of a horse from the also eligible list.

20:04:24:108     Effect of no declarations on also eligible horses.

20:04:24:109     Definition of "in today" horse.

20:04:24:110            Notification requirement.

20:04:24:111             Repealed.

20:04:24:112            Also eligible horse not an "in today" horse until given post position.

20:04:24:113            Effect of entry of an also eligible horse on the following day.

20:04:24:114            Preference system.

20:04:24:115            Repealed.

20:04:24:116            Entry of horses on the preferred list.

20:04:24:117            Loss of position on preferred list.

20:04:24:118            Notice requirement for scratches.

20:04:24:119            Repealed.

20:04:24:120     Irrevocability of declaring a horse out.

20:04:24:121     Burden of proof of miscarriage of declaration.

20:04:24:122     When matches are not allowed or are void.

20:04:24:123     Ineligible list.

20:04:24:124     Workout required for eligibility.

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