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CHAPTER 20:04:25



20:04:25:00        Types of races.

20:04:25:01        No runoff for dead heats.

20:04:25:02        Equal division of purse money.

20:04:25:03        Two winners in a dead heat for first place.

20:04:25:04        Dead heat for second place with an objection for first place.

20:04:25:05        Division of money -- Drawing of lots for indivisible prizes.

20:04:25:06        Inclusions in winnings.

20:04:25:07        Winnings in a walkover.

20:04:25:08        Awarding of money to walkover winner.

20:04:25:09        Money refunded in void races.

20:04:25:10        Void race.

20:04:25:11        Duties of licensee exercising a horse.

20:04:25:12        Posting results and photographs.

20:04:25:13        Determining the finish by the noses of the horses.

20:04:25:14        Displaying the official sign.

20:04:25:15        Correcting errors on official sign.

20:04:25:16        Identification by the official identifier required.

20:04:25:17        Duties of the identifier.

20:04:25:18        Tattoo required in certain circumstances.

20:04:25:19        Accountability of a person attempting to establish the identity of a horse.

20:04:25:20        Starting of flat races.

20:04:25:21        Repealed.

20:04:25:22        Starting horses outside the gate prohibited.

20:04:25:23        Permission required to exercise a horse between races.

20:04:25:24        Public announcement required for exercising a horse.

20:04:25:25        Horses required to be in paddock before post time -- Penalty for failure to comply.

20:04:25:26        Horses to be saddled in paddock.

20:04:25:27        Parading of horses required.

20:04:25:28        Time limit for parade.

20:04:25:29        Steward may send horses to post.

20:04:25:30        Requirement that horses carry their weights.

20:04:25:31        After entering the track, dismounting by jockeys prohibited.

20:04:25:32        Dismounting in case of accident allowed.

20:04:25:33        Remounting allowed if a jockey thrown.

20:04:25:34        Jockey replaced if injured.

20:04:25:35        Return of horse leaving the course.

20:04:25:36        Willful delay of the arrival of a horse prohibited.

20:04:25:37        Repealed.

20:04:25:38        All persons excluded from the track.

20:04:25:39        Determination of the post positions.

20:04:25:40        Repealed.

20:04:25:41        Post time.

20:04:25:42        Improper weaving forbidden.

20:04:25:43        Impeding another horse a foul.

20:04:25:44        Willful jostling forbidden.

20:04:25:45        Willful touching forbidden.

20:04:25:46        Unnecessary shortening of stride forbidden.

20:04:25:47        Repealed.

20:04:25:48        Two horses in one interest required to give best efforts.

20:04:25:49        Stewards to take notice of foul riding.

20:04:25:50        Repealed.

20:04:25:51        Disqualification for leaving the track after the start.

20:04:25:52        Care of a horse disabled during the race.

20:04:25:53        Horse with broken bone to be removed by horse ambulance.

20:04:25:54        Destruction of a horse.

20:04:25:55        Repealed.

20:04:25:56        Repealed.

20:04:25:27        Repealed.

20:04:25:28        Repealed.

20:04:25:59        Repealed.

20:04:25:60        Associations prohibited from permitting improper races -- Penalty -- Match races not prohibited.

20:04:25:61        Novelty and exhibition races.

20:04:25:62        Percentage payment of purse to breeder.

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