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CHAPTER 20:04:30



20:04:30:01               Record of outstanding unredeemed certificate tickets.

20:04:30:02               Filing of unredeemed tickets with the commission.

20:04:30:03               Repealed.

20:04:30:04               Mutuel manager to deliver wagering record to commission.

20:04:30:05               Mutuel manager to deliver calculating sheets to the commission.

20:04:30:06               Responsibility of mutuel manager for conduct of his employees.

20:04:30:07               Mutuel manager to report shorts and longs of his employees.

20:04:30:08               Repealed.

20:04:30:09               Licensing requirement for employees of the mutuel manager.

20:04:30:10               Mutuel manager to control access to mutuel department.

20:04:30:11               Mutuel manager to report reasons for discharging an employee.

20:04:30:12               Responsibility of mutuel manager for odds board.

20:04:30:13               Betting rules to be printed in the daily programs.

20:04:30:14               Winner's distribution requirements for pari-mutuel pool.

20:04:30:15               Redistribution of funds.

20:04:30:16               Bookmaking prohibited.

20:04:30:17               Touting by mutuel employees prohibited.

20:04:30:18               Purchase of tickets by minors prohibited.

20:04:30:19               Sales close at off bell.

20:04:30:20               Wrong ticket claims.

20:04:30:21               Display of window numbers required.

20:04:30:22               Repealed.

20:04:30:23               Manager of the pari-mutuel department to be advised of which horses will compete.

20:04:30:24               Wagering on an entry.

20:04:30:24.01          Uncoupling for wagering purposes in stakes races.

20:04:30:25               Manager of the pari-mutuel department to be advised of official placement.

20:04:30:26               Requirements for automatic tote boards.

20:04:30:27               Mechanical tote required.

20:04:30:28               Approval of tote board required.

20:04:30:29               Steward to sound closing bell.

20:04:30:30               Wagered money to be refunded when horse excused.

20:04:30:31               Effect on wagered money when horse is left at the post.

20:04:30:32               Refund of money if no horse finishes.

20:04:30:33               Refunds on horses coupled on the same mutuel ticket.

20:04:30:34               Effect on wagered money when a jockey weighs in short.

20:04:30:35               Refunds on entries.

20:04:30:36               Refund of money when race declared off.

20:04:30:37               Pool apportionment when no money wagered on winning horse to win.

20:04:30:38               Pool apportionment when no money wagered on placing horse to place.

20:04:30:39               Pool apportionment when no money wagered on showing horse to show.

20:04:30:40               Pool apportionment when only one horse finishes.

20:04:30:41               Pool apportionment when only two horses finish.

20:04:30:42               Effect of a steward's ruling on mutuel payoff.

20:04:30:43               Effect of posting a payoff error.

20:04:30:44               Association to pay overpay.

20:04:30:45               Underpay to go into comparative pool in following race.

20:04:30:46               Payment requirements -- Pari-mutuel system.

20:04:30:47               Emergency power of the manager of the pari-mutuel department.

20:04:30:48               Calculating the payoff in dead heat in straight pool.

20:04:30:49               Calculating the payoff in dead heat for second.

20:04:30:50               Calculating the payoff in dead heat for third.

20:04:30:51               Calculating the payoff in dead heat for entry or field horses.

20:04:30:52               Calculating the payoff in a multiple dead heat for entry or field horses.

20:04:30:53               Daily double defined.

20:04:30:54               Calculating the daily double.

20:04:30:55               Entry of field horses or entries in daily double race forbidden.

20:04:30:56               Apportioning the pool when no ticket combines the winners of the daily double.

20:04:30:57               Apportioning the daily double pool when no ticket includes the winner of one race.

20:04:30:58               Apportioning the daily double pool when no ticket includes the winner of either race.

20:04:30:59               Refund when no ticket requires distribution of the daily double pool.

20:04:30:60               Distribution of the pool when one daily double race is cancelled.

20:04:30:61               Refund when a horse is excused from first race of the daily double.

20:04:30:62               Consolation when a horse is excused from the second half of the daily double.

20:04:30:63               Posting of payoffs before second race required.

20:04:30:64               Posting payoff in case of dead heat in first race not required.

20:04:30:65               Calculating pool in case of dead heat.

20:04:30:66               Permission required for perfecta wagering.

20:04:30:67               Perfecta wagering on an entry permitted.

20:04:30:68               Perfecta defined.

20:04:30:69               Perfecta not a parlay.

20:04:30:70               Refund when horse excused.

20:04:30:71               Apportionment when no ticket combines the winners of a perfecta.

20:04:30:72               Calculation of the perfecta pool for a dead heat to win.

20:04:30:73               Calculation of the perfecta pool for a dead heat to place.

20:04:30:74               Calculation of the perfecta pool for a dead heat for second place when no ticket combines one of the winners.

20:04:30:75               Refund of money when no ticket has any combination of winners.

20:04:30:76               Sale of big perfecta tickets.

20:04:30:77               Mechanics of the big perfecta.

20:04:30:78               Big perfecta exchange tickets.

20:04:30:79               Forfeit when ticket not presented -- Exceptions.

20:04:30:80               Refunds in case of a scratch in the first race.

20:04:30:81               Exchange in case of a scratch in the second race.

20:04:30:82               Division of the big perfecta pool when no ticket combines the winners of the first race.

20:04:30:83               Apportionment of the big perfecta pool if no exchange ticket combines the winners.

20:04:30:84               Calculation of the big perfecta pool if the second race is cancelled.

20:04:30:85               Special permission required for quinella wagering.

20:04:30:86               Distribution in quinella wagering.

20:04:30:87               Quinella defined.

20:04:30:88               Quinella to be calculated as separate pool.

20:04:30:89               Refund when a horse is excused.

20:04:30:90               Quinella calculated as straight pool.

20:04:30:91               Distribution when no ticket combines finishers.

20:04:30:92               Quinella payoffs in case of dead heat.

20:04:30:93               Trifecta pools and wagering.

20:04:30:94               Purchase of twin trifecta tickets.

20:04:30:95               Twin trifecta pool to be held separately.

20:04:30:96               Division of twin trifecta wagers into pools -- Maximum limit on jackpot pool.

20:04:30:97               Payoff of first-half twin trifecta tickets.

20:04:30:98               Exchange of winning twin trifecta tickets.

20:04:30:99               Disclosure of number of winning twin trifecta tickets eligible for exchange prohibited.

20:04:30:100             Twin trifecta tickets on scratched horse to be refunded in first race and exchanged in second race.

20:04:30:101             Payoff in event of dead heat in either first or second twin trifecta race.

20:04:30:102             Distribution of jackpot pool -- Accumulation of pool.

20:04:30:103             Distribution of current program's divided pool when second half of twin trifecta is not declared official.

20:04:30:104             Carryover of maximum jackpot pool -- Establishment and accumulation of seed pool.

20:04:30:105             Distribution of jackpot and seed pools.

20:04:30:106             Special race for final distribution of pools and wagers on second twin trifecta race.

20:04:30:107             Daily triple defined.

20:04:30:108             Calculating the daily triple.

20:04:30:109             Entry of field horses or entries in daily triple race forbidden.

20:04:30:110             Calculating the pool if no ticket combines winners of daily triple.

20:04:30:111             Repealed.

20:04:30:112             Repealed.

20:04:30:113             Distribution of pool if no ticket includes winner of two races.

20:04:30:114             Repealed.

20:04:30:115             Repealed.

20:04:30:116             Refund if no ticket requires distribution of daily triple pool.

20:04:30:117             Distribution of pool if one or two of daily triple races cancelled.

20:04:30:117.01        Distribution of pool if three daily triple races are cancelled.

20:04:30:118             Repealed.

20:04:30:119             Race favorite substituted for horse excused, scratched, or nonstarter in daily triple.

20:04:30:120             Calculating pool in case of dead heat.

20:04:30:121             Sale, exchange, or cancellation of tickets after close of wagering prohibited.

20:04:30:122             Superfecta pool and wagering.

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