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CHAPTER 20:04:33





20:04:33:01        Definitions.

20:04:33:02        Location of wager.

20:04:33:03        Deposit of money.

20:04:33:04        Pari-mutuel tax.

20:04:33:05        Returns and reports -- Time frames -- Penalties.

20:04:33:06        Take-out rates for non-merged pools.

20:04:33:07        Required system configuration and elements.

20:04:33:07.01   Totalizator room requirements.

20:04:33:07.02   Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

20:04:33:07.03   Independent monitoring system.

20:04:33:07.04   System errors.

20:04:33:07.05   End-of-day reports.

20:04:33:07.06    Other standard and special reports.

20:04:33:07.07   On-line logs.

20:04:33:07.08   Off-line log.

20:04:33:08        Prohibited practices.

20:04:33:09        Disciplinary action.

20:04:33:10        Unsuitability determinations.

20:04:33:11        Suitability determinations.

20:04:33:12        Exclusion grounds.

20:04:33:13        Preparation of exclusion list.

20:04:33:14        Notice of exclusion.

20:04:33:15        Right to contest exclusion.

20:04:33:16        Multi-jurisdictional totalizator hub license.

20:04:33:17        Consideration of applications.

20:04:33:18        Licenses not transferable.

20:04:33:19        Interest in license -- Prior approval.

20:04:33:20        Background investigation.

20:04:33:21        Individuals subject to application and background investigations.

20:04:33:22        Criminal records check.

20:04:33:23        Authority to conduct background investigation.

20:04:33:24        Failure to allow investigation.

20:04:33:25        Application for multi-jurisdictional totalizator hub license.

20:04:33:26        Operating plan.

20:04:33:27        Changes in operating plan.

20:04:33:28        Penalty for failure to follow operating plan, commission order, or other rules and laws.

20:04:33:29        Initial system audit. 

20:04:33:30        Term of license.

20:04:33:31        Application and audit fees.

20:04:33:32        Background investigation fee.

20:04:33:33        Bond.

20:04:33:34        Claims for nonpayment.

20:04:33:35        Hub employee licensing.

20:04:33:36        Prohibition against licensure of law enforcement officials.

20:04:33:37        Licensure qualification.

20:04:33:38        Categories of personnel licensing.

20:04:33:39        Licenses revocable.

20:04:33:40        Reapplication upon denial.

20:04:33:41        Disciplinary action for false statements.

20:04:33:42        Proscribed conduct.

20:04:33:43        Discovery of violations.

20:04:33:44        Termination of employment of key employee or hub employee.

20:04:33:45        Key employee.

20:04:33:46        Review of key licensee status.

20:04:33:47        Power of commission to review and audit -- Disciplinary action.

20:04:33:48        Annual audited financial statements -- Disciplinary action. 

20:04:33:49        Change of hub business year.

20:04:33:50        Other gaming activities, duty to notify commission.

20:04:33:51        Business contracts.

20:04:33:52        Legal process and pleadings.

20:04:33:53        Confidentiality.

20:04:33:54        Compliance with the Interstate Horse Racing Act.

20:04:33:55        Racing rules apply.

20:04:33:56        Establishing an account.

20:04:33:57        Account application verification.

20:04:33:58        Account identification number. 

20:04:33:59        Secure personal identification code.

20:04:33:60        Information to be provided to account holder.

20:04:33:61        Accounts nontransferable.

20:04:33:62        Hub licensee may close or refuse to open accounts.

20:04:33:63        Minimum account balance.

20:04:33:64        Hub licensee may refuse deposits.

20:04:33:65        Hub licensee may suspend or close accounts.

20:04:33:66        Account credits.

20:04:33:67        Account debits.

20:04:33:68        Inactive accounts.

20:04:33:69        Deceased account holder. 

20:04:33:70        Posting of credits.

20:04:33:71        Payment of interest not required.

20:04:33:72        Manner of wagers approved by commission.

20:04:33:73        Closing hub wagering. 

20:04:33:74        Refusal of wagers.

20:04:33:75        Account security - Account holder responsibility.

20:04:33:76        Payment on winning wagers -- Refunds. 

20:04:33:77        Errors in accounts.

20:04:33:78        Monthly account statements.

20:04:33:79        Account holder’s principal residence address. 

20:04:33:80        Wager information confidential -- Disciplinary action for violations. 

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