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20:06:01            Administration.

20:06:02            Individual risk premium, Repealed.

20:06:03            Domestic stock insurers.

20:06:04            Insider trading of equity securities.

20:06:05            Voting proxies of domestic mutuals, Repealed.

20:06:06            Credit life, health, and unemployment insurance.

20:06:07            Variable annuity contracts.

20:06:08            Life insurance and annuities.

20:06:09            Insurance holding companies.

20:06:10            Advertisements and solicitations of health and life insurance.

20:06:11                   Restrictions on insiders' interests.

20:06:12            Examinations.

20:06:13            Medicare supplement insurance.

20:06:14            Health and life insurance solicitation, Repealed.

20:06:15            Countersignature fees -- Title insurance, Repealed.

20:06:16            Premium tax.

20:06:17            Generic naming of life insurance, Repealed.

20:06:18            Producer licensing.

20:06:19            Exchange-traded call and put options.

20:06:20            Interest rate futures.

20:06:21            Long-term care insurance.

20:06:22            Loss ratios for health insurance policies.

20:06:23            Financial condition of insurers.

20:06:24            Life reinsurance, Repealed.

20:06:25            Annual financial filing requirements.

20:06:26            Rating and valuation of investments.

20:06:27            Standardized health care forms.

20:06:28            Form filing requirements.

20:06:29            Cancellations and replacements.

20:06:30            Life and health reinsurance.

20:06:31            Credit for reinsurance.

20:06:32            Declaratory rulings.

20:06:33            Utilization review organizations and managed care entities.

20:06:34            Grievance procedures.

20:06:35            Maternity coverage.

20:06:36            Risk-based capital (RBC) reports.

20:06:37            Actuarial opinions and memorandums.

20:06:38            Life insurance illustrations.

20:06:39            Individual plans.

20:06:40            Employer plans.

20:06:41            HIPAA rules -- Small employer.

20:06:42            Associations eligible for group health insurance.

20:06:43            Annuity mortality tables.

20:06:44            Insurance fraud prevention unit.

20:06:45            Privacy of consumer financial and health information.

20:06:46            HIPAA rules -- Nondiscrimination in the group market.

20:06:47            Group disability benefits.

20:06:48            Health insurance risk pool.

20:06:49            Discount plans.

20:06:50            Coordination of benefits.

20:06:51            Mortality tables for use in determining minimum reserve liabilities.

20:06:52            Discretionary clauses.

20:06:53            External and internal review.

20:06:54            Preventive services.

20:06:55            Market regulations.

20:06:56            Minimum benefit standards.

20:06:57            Self-funded multiple employer trusts.

20:06:58            Mental Health Parity.

20:06:59            Principle-based reserving.

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