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CHAPTER 20:06:08



20:06:08:01        Repealed.

20:06:08:02        Repealed.

20:06:08:03        Repealed.

20:06:08:04        Repealed.

20:06:08:05        Repealed.

20:06:08:06        Repealed.

20:06:08:07        Repealed.

20:06:08:08        Repealed.

20:06:08:09        Repealed.

20:06:08:10        Repealed.

20:06:08:11        Repealed.

20:06:08:12        Repealed.

20:06:08:13        Repealed.

20:06:08:14        Repealed.

20:06:08:15        Repealed.

20:06:08:16        Repealed.

20:06:08:17        Repealed.

20:06:08:18        Repealed.

20:06:08:19        Repealed.

20:06:08:20        Repealed.

20:06:08:21        Repealed.

20:06:08:22        Repealed.

20:06:08:23        Repealed.

20:06:08:24        Repealed.

20:06:08:25        Repealed.

20:06:08:26        Repealed.

20:06:08:27        Repealed.

20:06:08:28        Repealed.

20:06:08:29        Repealed.

20:06:08:30        Repealed.

20:06:08:31        Repealed.

20:06:08:32        Repealed.

20:06:08:33        Repealed.

20:06:08:34        Repealed.

20:06:08:35        Repealed.

20:06:08:36        Repealed.

20:06:08:37        Repealed.

20:06:08:38        Definitions.

20:06:08:39        Repealed.

20:06:08:40        Repealed.

20:06:08:41        Repealed.

20:06:08:42        Uniform forms for cash surrender, maximum policy loan, and 1035 exchange.

20:06:08:43        Permissible exclusions.

20:06:08:43.01   Permissible exclusions for accidental death coverage.

20:06:08:43.02   Permissible exclusions for accidental death and dismemberment policies issued as a supplemental benefit.

20:06:08:44        2001 CSO Mortality Table effective date.

20:06:08:45        Conditions of use.

20:06:08:46        Use of gender-blended tables.

20:06:08:47        Exclusions or restrictions after life insurance policy or certificate issued.

20:06:08:48        Exception to signed endorsement.

20:06:08:49        Applicability of life and annuity replacement rules.

20:06:08:49.01   Prima facie intent of policyholder.

20:06:08:50        Duties of producers.

20:06:08:51        Notice requirements.

20:06:08:52        Producer sales materials.

20:06:08:53        Producer submission to insurers.

20:06:08:54        Insurer system of supervision and control.

20:06:08:55        Insurer record keeping requirements.

20:06:08:56        Signed statement requirements.

20:06:08:57        Required documents.

20:06:08:58        Insurer notifications.

20:06:08:59        Record format.

20:06:08:60        Duties of replacing insurers using producers.

20:06:08:61        Duties of replacing insurer using producers when company approved sales material required.

20:06:08:62        Duties of existing insurer.

20:06:08:63        Requirements for direct response solicitation.

20:06:08:64        Compliance.

20:06:08:65        Effective date.

Appendix A       Uniform Form for Life Insurance or Annuity Maximum Policy Loan.

Appendix B       Uniform Form for Life Insurance or Annuity Cash Surrender.

Appendix C       Uniform Form for Life Insurance or Annuity 1035 Exchange.

Appendix D       Important Notice Regarding Replacements, Repealed.

Appendix E       Notice Regarding Replacements for Direct Response Insurers.

Appendix F       Important Notice Regarding Replacements for Direct Response Insurers.

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