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CHAPTER 20:06:39




20:06:39:01        Dual eligibility.

20:06:39:02        Creditable coverage and preexisting waiting periods for newborn and adopted children.

20:06:39:03        Permissible rating factors.

20:06:39:04        Repealed.

20:06:39:04.01   Certificates required upon loss of coverage.

20:06:39:05        Standards for determinations on length of preexisting waiting periods.

20:06:39:06        Repealed.

20:06:39:06.01   Student health plans -- Bona fide association plans.

20:06:39:07        Requirements for breaks in coverage when applying for a new policy.

20:06:39:08        Repealed.

20:06:39:08.01   Active marketing required.

20:06:39:09        Prohibited practices.

20:06:39:10        Prohibited compensation arrangements.

20:06:39:11        Repealed.

20:06:39:12        Repealed.

20:06:39:13        Repealed.

20:06:39:14        Repealed.

20:06:39:15        Repealed.

20:06:39:16        Repealed.

20:06:39:17        Repealed.

20:06:39:18        Repealed.

20:06:39:19        Guaranteed issue -- Effective date of coverage.

20:06:39:20        Guaranteed issue -- Tolling of 63-day time frame.

20:06:39:20.01   Repealed.

20:06:39:20.02   Repealed.

20:06:39:20.03   Repealed.

20:06:39:20.04   Repealed.

20:06:39:20.05   Effective date of guaranteed issue plan.

20:06:39:20.06   Repealed.

20:06:39:21        Definition of ordinarily prudent person in preexisting condition clauses.

20:06:39:22        Fair market standards for carriers.

20:06:39:23        Group applicability to individual market.

20:06:39:24        Repealed.

20:06:39:25        Repealed.

20:06:39:26        Repealed.

20:06:39:27        Repealed.

20:06:39:28        Repealed.

20:06:39:29        Repealed.

20:06:39:30        Usual, customary, and reasonable charges for standard and basic plans.

20:06:39:31        Repealed.

20:06:39:32        Contract of more than six months -- Defined.

20:06:39:33        Repealed.

20:06:39:34        Repealed.

20:06:39:34.01   Disclosure requirements.

20:06:39:35        Policy not subject to group requirements.

20:06:39:36        Medically necessary leave of absence defined.

20:06:39:37        Dependent coverage.

20:06:39:38        Notification.

20:06:39:39        Continued application in case of changed coverage.

20:06:39:40        Effective date.

20:06:39:41        Creditable coverage -- Children's Health Insurance Program.

20:06:39:42        Association health insurance plans subject to individual market rating requirements.

20:06:39:43        Definitions.

20:06:39:44        Prohibition on genetic information in setting premium rates.

20:06:39:45        Limitation on requesting or requiring genetic testing.

20:06:39:46        Exceptions to requiring genetic testing.

20:06:39:47        Research exception.

20:06:39:48        Prohibitions on collection of genetic information for underwriting purposes.

20:06:39:49        Medical appropriateness.

20:06:39:50        Collection of genetic information prior to or in connection with enrollment.

20:06:39:51        Incidental collection exception.

20:06:39:52        Prohibition on genetic information as a condition of eligibility.

20:06:39:53        Prohibition on genetic information as preexisting condition.

20:06:39:54        Medicare supplemental health insurance.

20:06:39:55        Applicability to excepted benefits.

20:06:39:56        Effective date.

20:06:39:57        Guaranteed availability of coverage in the individual market.

20:06:39:58        Denial of coverage.

20:06:39:59        Open enrollment.

20:06:39:60        Initial open enrollment period.

20:06:39:61        Annual open enrollment period.

20:06:39:62        Special enrollment period effective dates.

20:06:39:63        Coverage issued outside open enrollment.

20:06:39:64        Enrollment in catastrophic plans.

20:06:39:65        Student health insurance coverage.

20:06:39:66        Clinical trial.

20:06:39:67        Nonrenewal of coverage.

20:06:39:68        Discontinuing a particular product.

20:06:39:69        Discontinuing all coverage.

20:06:39:70        Special enrollment periods for marriage, birth, and adoption.

20:06:39:71        Special enrollment triggers.

20:06:39:72        Preexisting condition exclusion and waiting period prohibited.

20:06:39:73        Health insurance issuer defined.

20:06:39:74        Applicability.

Appendix A       Repealed.

Appendix B       Notice of Research Exception.

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