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CHAPTER 20:10:32






20:10:32:01        Definitions.

20:10:32:02        Certificate of authority required to provide local exchange service.

20:10:32:03        Certificate of authority for local exchange service -- Application requirements.

20:10:32:04        Notice to other local exchange carriers in proposed service area -- Intervener status.

20:10:32:05        Opportunity for hearing -- Burden of proof.

20:10:32:06        Rejection of incomplete application -- Decision criteria for granting a certificate of authority.

20:10:32:06.01   Performance bonds.

20:10:32:07        Certification subject to commission imposed terms and conditions.

20:10:32:08        Sale, assignment, lease, or transfer of certificate of authority.

20:10:32:09        Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority.

20:10:32:10        Service obligations of all providers -- Request for waiver.

20:10:32:11        Local calling scope for alternative providers.

20:10:32:12        Annual reporting requirements.

20:10:32:13        Discontinuance of service.

20:10:32:14        Area under threat of discontinuance of service.

20:10:32:15        Rural service area -- Additional service obligations.

20:10:32:16        Good faith offering requirement.

20:10:32:17        Report of progress toward meeting service obligations.

20:10:32:18        Waiver of eligible telecommunications carrier service requirements.

20:10:32:19        Failure to meet service obligations -- Grounds for revocation of certificate.

20:10:32:20        Request for negotiations.

20:10:32:21        Submission of negotiated agreement for approval.

20:10:32:22        Submission of written comments on negotiated agreement -- Submission of response.

20:10:32:23        Commission decision on negotiated agreement.

20:10:32:24        Request for mediation.

20:10:32:25        Response to request for mediation.

20:10:32:26        Mediation conducted by commission staff.

20:10:32:27        Statement of issues.

20:10:32:28        Confidentiality of mediation -- Settlement proposals.

20:10:32:29        Petition for arbitration.

20:10:32:30        Response to petition for arbitration.

20:10:32:31        Arbitration conducted as a contested case -- Prehearing conference.

20:10:32:31.01   Participation by non-parties.

20:10:32:32        Commission decision on petition for arbitration.

20:10:32:33        Commission approval of arbitrated agreement.

20:10:32:34        Submission of written comments on arbitration agreement -- Submission of response.

20:10:32:35        Commission decision on arbitrated agreement.

20:10:32:36        Commission decision on agreement containing both arbitrated and negotiated provisions -- Submission of separate agreements.

20:10:32:37        Rural exemption from negotiation and interconnection requirements.

20:10:32:38        Notice to commission of request.

20:10:32:39        Petition for suspension or modification of interconnection requirements.

20:10:32:40        Copy of petition to affected local service providers.

20:10:32:41        Timeline for reviewing petition.

20:10:32:42        Designation of eligible telecommunications carriers.

20:10:32:43        Eligible telecommunications carrier petitions.

20:10:32:43.01   Demonstration of commitment to provide service.

20:10:32:43.02   Submission of two-year plan.

20:10:32:43.03   Demonstration of ability to remain functional in emergency situations.

20:10:32:43.04   Demonstration of ability to satisfy consumer protection and service quality standards.

20:10:32:43.05   Offering of comparable local usage plan.

20:10:32:43.06   Provisioning of equal access.

20:10:32:43.07   Public interest standard.

20:10:32:44        Existing eligible telecommunications carrier designations not affected.

20:10:32:45        Determining the applicable service area.

20:10:32:46        Copy of petition to other eligible telecommunications carriers.

20:10:32:47        Designation of eligible telecommunications carrier for unserved areas.

20:10:32:48        Relinquishment of eligible telecommunications carrier status.

20:10:32:49        Revocation of eligible telecommunications carrier status.

20:10:32:50        Monitoring of competitive local exchange services.

20:10:32:51        Use of universal service support.

20:10:32:52        Annual certification requirements for designated eligible telecommunications carriers.

20:10:32:53        Requirements for previously designated eligible telecommunications carriers and pending applications.

20:10:32:54        Certification requirements.

20:10:32:55        Lifeline and link-up advertising requirements -- Annual report on outreach efforts.

20:10:32:56        Petition for waiver -- Granting of waiver.

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