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CHAPTER 20:10:33






20:10:33:01        Definitions.

20:10:33:02        Level of service provided by local exchange companies.

20:10:33:03        Level of service applicable to all subscribers within an exchange.

20:10:33:04        Minimum requirements for new or replaced switching systems.

20:10:33:05        Minimum requirements for channel capacity.

20:10:33:06        Minimum levels of trunking facilities provided by interexchange companies.

20:10:33:07        Requirements for good engineering practices.

20:10:33:08        Requirement for sufficient equipment and adequate personnel.

20:10:33:09        Required documentation to show sufficient equipment and adequate personnel.

20:10:33:10        Assignment of facilities.

20:10:33:11        Charges for construction of facilities.

20:10:33:12        Records of tests and inspections.

20:10:33:13        Provisioning of adequate and reliable facilities.

20:10:33:14        Program required for testing, inspecting, and maintenance.

20:10:33:15        Repair of plant and equipment.

20:10:33:16        Leakage, loop resistance, and transmission tests.

20:10:33:17        Emergency planning.

20:10:33:18        Plan required to deal with loss of switch.

20:10:33:19        Auxiliary and battery power requirements.

20:10:33:20        Central office alarms.

20:10:33:21        Prevention of access line service interruptions -- Reestablishment of service -- Priority given to customers with medical condition and certain entities.

20:10:33:22        Maintenance service interruptions -- Notification.

20:10:33:23        Records of access line service interruptions.

20:10:33:24        Reporting of trouble reports.

20:10:33:25        Customer trouble reports.

20:10:33:26        Record of trouble reports.

20:10:33:27        Reporting requirements when 911 service is disrupted or impaired.

20:10:33:28        Reporting of service disruption or impairment.

20:10:33:29        Standards applicable under normal operating conditions.

20:10:33:30        Petition for waiver -- Granting of waiver.

20:10:33:31        Failure to pay for services other than local exchange services not grounds to terminate local exchange service.

20:10:33:32        Exemption from providing local exchange service when toll services terminated.



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