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CHAPTER 20:18:15




20:18:15:01        Definitions.

20:18:15:01.01   Types of blackjack authorized.

20:18:15:02        Cards.

20:18:15:03        Wagers.

20:18:15:04        Push -- Exceptions.

20:18:15:05        Wagering rules.

20:18:15:06        Payment of wagers.

20:18:15:07        Handling of wagers.

20:18:15:08        Inspection of cards.

20:18:15:09        Presentation of cards.

20:18:15:10        The shuffle and reshuffle.

20:18:15:11        Cut.

20:18:15:12        Cutting player.

20:18:15:13        Proposals for variations.

20:18:15:13.01   Repealed.

20:18:15:14        Procedure for dealing cards.

20:18:15:15        Burn procedure.

20:18:15:16        The deal.

20:18:15:17        The play.

20:18:15:18        The pickup.

20:18:15:19        Dealer's hole card.

20:18:15:20        Dealing after cutting card reached.

20:18:15:21        Prohibited acts.

20:18:15:21.01   Exposing hand.

20:18:15:22        Point counts.

20:18:15:23        Insurance wagers.

20:18:15:24        Doubling down.

20:18:15:25        Splitting pairs.

20:18:15:26        Drawing of additional cards by players and dealers.

20:18:15:27        Player wagering on more than one box.

20:18:15:28        Irregularities.

20:18:15:29        Special rules of conduct.

20:18:15:30        Surrender.

20:18:15:30.01   Variations of the play -- Rainbow 21.

20:18:15:30.02   Variations of the play -- Ten sticks 21.

20:18:15:30.03   Variations of the play -- 21+3.

20:18:15:30.04   Variations of the play -- Lucky Ladies blackjack.

20:18:15:30.05   Variations of the play -- Progressive blackjack.

20:18:15:30.06   Variations of the play -- STREAK blackjack.

20:18:15:30.07   Variations of the play -- Buster Blackjack.

20:18:15:30.08   Variations of the play -- Winners Option Blackjack.

20:18:15:30.09   Variations of the play -- Blackjack Switch.

20:18:15:30.10   Variations of the play -- Dealer Bust 21.

20:18:15:30.11   Variations of the play -- Dead Man's Hand blackjack.

20:18:15:30.12   Variations of the play -- War blackjack.

20:18:15:30.13   Variations of the play -- Lucky Lucky blackjack.

20:18:15:30.14   Variations of the play -- Free Bet blackjack.

20:18:15:30.15   Variations of the play -- Bonus Spin blackjack.

20:18:15:30.16   Variations of the play -- Bust Bonus.

20:18:15:30.17   Variations of the play -- TriLux Bonus Blackjack with Super 3.

20:18:15:30.18   Variations of the play -- Triple Win 20.

20:18:15:30.19   Variations of the play -- Blazing 7's Progressive.

20:18:15:31        Posting of rules.

20:18:15:32        Procedure for distribution of chips to blackjack table.

20:18:15:33        Procedure for removing chips or coins from the blackjack table.

20:18:15:34        Procedure for accepting cash at blackjack table.

20:18:15:35        Drop procedures.

20:18:15:36        Count procedures.

20:18:15:36.01   Drop box requirements.

20:18:15:37        Keys.

20:18:15:38        Statistics.

20:18:15:39        Tip bets.

          Declaratory Ruling: The Commission on Gaming does declare and determine that Monopoly Black Jack meets the statutory definition of "black jack" as defined in SDCL 42-7B-4(3). The Commission does further declare and determine that Monopoly Black Jack does not meet the statutory definition of a "slot machine" as defined in SDCL 42-7B-4(21). The Commission does further declare and determine that the Monopoly Black Jack game constitutes one "gaming device" as defined by SDCL 42-7B-4(6A) for purposes of compliance with SDCL 42-7B-16 and 42-7B-23. The Commission does further declare and determine that as Monopoly Black Jack is one "gaming device" the initial wager on standard black jack and the side bet on the Monopoly bonus game together cannot exceed more than $100 and that petitioner will be entitled to offer the game of Monopoly Black Jack in Deadwood after the proper promulgation of rules authorizing Monopoly Black Jack as a variation of the game of black jack. South Dakota Commission on Gaming Declaratory Ruling dated October 1, 2002.

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