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          20:38:31:03.  Engineering. An applicant for licensure as a Professional Engineer shall meet the following experience requirement:


          (1)  Three years of experience for an applicant meeting the education requirement described in subdivision 20:38:30:02(1) and who has also obtained a master or doctoral level engineering degree;


          (2)  Four years of experience for an applicant meeting the education requirement described in subdivision 20:38:30:02(1); or


          (3)  Five years of experience for an applicant meeting the education requirement described in subdivisions 20:38:30:02(2),(3),(4), or (5)


          To qualify, experience must be completed under the direct supervision of a licensed professional engineer who is actively engaged in the practice of engineering. Experience must consist of employment or services that require the application of special knowledge of the mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences including the preparation and interpretation of engineering data.


          Experience may include engineering supervision of construction, where the health, safety, or welfare of the public is involved but not the primary responsibility of the applicant. Such experience is acceptable whether the person who bore the responsibility for the work involved was the applicant or the applicant's supervisor in responsible charge.


          Experience shall be reviewed by the board for conclusive evidence that the applicant has the ability to design and apply scientific principles independently and that the applicant's judgment may be trusted.


          Experience of an intermittent engineering nature, such as sales-engineering assignments, combined engineering and miscellaneous office duties, or engineering assignments in which a large portion of the work is operational or maintenance, the board shall allow credit in the same proportion that the work which requires the application of engineering sciences and skills bears to the whole.


          Source: 26 SDR 9, effective July 29, 1999; 29 SDR 95, effective January 6, 2003; 33 SDR 70, effective June 20, 2006; transferred from ยง 20:18:15:03, 38 SDR 121, effective January 16, 2012.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-18A-22(3), 36-18A-25, 36-18A-26.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-18A-1(12), 36-18A-3, 36-18A-25, 36-18A-26, 36-18A-32.


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