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CHAPTER 20:69:11



20:69:11:01        Continuing education defined.

20:69:11:01.01   Distance education defined.

20:69:11:01.02   Independent study defined.

20:69:11:01.03   Interactive defined.

20:69:11:01.04   Standards for distance education.

20:69:11:01.05   Required continuing education subject areas.

20:69:11:01.06   Elective continuing education subject areas.

20:69:11:02        Continuing education requirements.

20:69:11:02.01   Postlicensing education defined.

20:69:11:02.02   Postlicensing education course requirements -- Time to complete.

20:69:11:03        Classroom hour.

20:69:11:03.01   Length of course.

20:69:11:04        Requirements -- Exceptions.

20:69:11:05        Exceptions and extensions.

20:69:11:06        Nonqualifying courses.

20:69:11:07        Criteria for postlicensing or continuing education course approval.

20:69:11:07.01   Criteria for distance education or independent study course approval.

20:69:11:08        Application for approval of classroom instruction -- Fee required.

20:69:11:08.01   Application for approval of distance education or independent study courses -- Fee required.

20:69:11:08.02   Additional requirements for distance education courses.

20:69:11:08.03   Student certification required.

20:69:11:08.04   Classroom, distance education, and independent study course application fees -- Postlicensing course as continuing education course subject to application fee.

20:69:11:09        Approval of out-of-state courses.

20:69:11:10        ARELLO certified courses approved for postlicensing or continuing education.

20:69:11:11        Certificate of approval.

20:69:11:11.01   Course accreditation renewal.

20:69:11:11.02   Course accreditation reinstatement.

20:69:11:12        Material change.

20:69:11:13        Denial of approval for a course or instructor.

20:69:11:13.01   Withdrawal of approval for a course or instructor.

20:69:11:14        Same or duplicate courses.

20:69:11:15        Repealed.

20:69:11:16        Repealed.

20:69:11:17        Facilities.

20:69:11:17.01   Schedule.

20:69:11:18        Auditing.

20:69:11:19        Postlicensing or continuing education certificate of attendance.

20:69:11:19.01   Course provider reporting requirements -- Course evaluation.

20:69:11:20        Preregistration allowed -- Notice of cancellation required.

20:69:11:21        Limit on independent study courses.

20:69:11:22        Instructors.

20:69:11:23        Application for approval of instructors -- Guest speakers exempt.

20:69:11:24        Utilization of guest speakers -- Résumé to accompany course application.

20:69:11:25        Certificate of instructor approval -- Approval certificates not issued to guest speakers.

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