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CHAPTER 20:69:12



20:69:12:01        Definitions.

20:69:12:02        Registration of time-share estates.

20:69:12:03        Registration fee.

20:69:12:04        Inspection fee.

20:69:12:05        Disclosure statement.

20:69:12:06        Encouragement to read the disclosure statement.

20:69:12:07        Additional disclosure statement requirements.

20:69:12:08        Nonconforming disclosure statements.

20:69:12:09        Offer, transfer, or disposal under a void statement.

20:69:12:10        Additional filings required.

20:69:12:11        Filing of option unacceptable.

20:69:12:12        Acquisition solicitation requirements for agents.

20:69:12:13        Sales solicitation requirements for agents.

20:69:12:14        Limitation on plan managers.

20:69:12:15        Renewal of time-share filings.

20:69:12:16        Responsible managing employee -- Designation, duties, and change.

20:69:12:17        Copy of disclosure statement to be given to prospective purchasers.

20:69:12:18        Issuance of registration number.

20:69:12:19        Plan manager or RME designated for time-share unit or time-share plan located in the state.

20:69:12:20        Material change in disclosure statement.

20:69:12:21        Mutual right to cancel contract.

20:69:12:22        Retention of copy of contract.

20:69:12:23        Preexisting time-share unit.

20:69:12:24        Persons responsible for filing of preexisting time-share plan.

20:69:12:25        Plan manager for preexisting time-share plan.

20:69:12:26        Mixed-use project containing existing time-share unit or plan.

20:69:12:27        Law and rules to be available.

20:69:12:28        Agent and special escrow account.

20:69:12:29        Plan manager and special account.

20:69:12:30        Developer and special escrow account.

20:69:12:31        Developer's escrow agreement when funds deposited.

20:69:12:32        Developer's escrow agreement when financial plan submitted.

20:69:12:33        Exclusions from funds placed in escrow.

20:69:12:34        Integrated special escrow account.

20:69:12:35        Account open for inspection.

20:69:12:36        Unprofessional conduct.

20:69:12:37        Cause for suspension or revocation.

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