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          24:05:21:01.  Local education agency comprehensive plans -- Contents. Each local education agency must have a current comprehensive plan approved by the school board on file with the district superintendent or designee. Documentation supporting the implementation of the local school district's comprehensive plan shall be maintained by the district for review by Special Education Programs staff during onsite monitoring visits. Districts shall update comprehensive plans consistent with § 24:05:21:01.02 and recertify their content annually.


          Comprehensive plans shall establish compliance with this article and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B, and must include the following:


          (1)  Policy on the availability of FAPE;

          (2)  Policy on the availability of assistive technology;

          (3)  Policy on the availability of extended school year services;

          (4)  Full program service goals and procedures, including a timetable for accomplishing the goals;

          (5)  Ongoing child identification procedures;

          (6)  Evaluation, parental consent, and placement procedures;

          (7)  Procedures for the development, annual review, and revision of the individual educational program for each child;

          (8)  Procedures for the provision of nonacademic services and program options;

          (9)  Procedures for the provision of physical education;

          (10)  Policies on routine checking of hearing aids and external components of surgically implanted medical devices;

          (11)  Procedures for least restrictive environment;

          (12)  Policies and procedures on confidentiality of information;

          (13)  Procedural safeguards, including the following:


               (a)   Opportunity to examine records;

               (b)   Independent educational evaluation;

               (c)   Prior notice and parent consent;

               (d)  Resolution process;

               (e)   Impartial due process hearing;

               (f)    Civil action and reasonable attorney's fees;

               (g)   Child status during procedures;

               (h)   Surrogate parent procedures;

               (i)    Parent participation in meetings;

               (j)    Procedural safeguards notice;

               (k)   Mediation;

               (l)    Parent notice and disclosure;

               (m)  Transfer of parental rights;

               (n)   Discipline procedures;

               (o)   Procedures for evaluation and determination of eligibility; and

               (p)   Procedures for evaluating specific learning disabilities;


          (14)  Procedures for private school placement;

          (15)  Procedures for voluntary enrollment in nonpublic schools;

          (16)  Staff development procedures;

          (17)  Procedures for the employment of special education personnel who have the special education endorsement as required in § 24:02:03:21 or 24:02:03:21.01;

          (18)  Policy on purchase of instructional materials;

          (19)  Policy on prohibition on mandatory medication;

          (20)  Policies on the use of Part B IDEA funds;

          (21)  Policy on records regarding migratory children with disabilities;

          (22)  Policy on transition from IDEA, Part C, infants to toddlers with disabilities, to preschool;

          (23)  Policy on performance goals and indicators;

          (24)  Procedures for participation in assessments;

          (25)  Public information; and

          (26)  Student information management system.


          Source: 16 SDR 41, effective September 7, 1989; 23 SDR 31, effective September 8, 1996; 26 SDR 150, effective May 22, 2000; 33 SDR 236, effective July 5, 2007; 36 SDR 96, effective December 8, 2009.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-37-1.1.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-37-1.1.


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