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          24:08:03:02.  Obligations to the public. In fulfilling their obligations to the public, educators shall act as follows:


          (1)  Take precautions to distinguish between their personal views and those of the local school district or governing body;


          (2)  Not knowingly distort or misrepresent the facts concerning educational matters in direct and indirect public expressions;


          (3)  Not interfere with a colleague's exercise of political and citizenship rights and responsibilities;


          (4)  Not exploit the local school district or governing body for public or personal gain;


          (5)  Not exploit the local school district or governing body to promote political candidates or partisan political activities;


          (6)  Neither accept nor offer any gratuities, gifts, services, or things of value that impair professional judgment, offer special advantage, or provide personal benefit;


          (7)  Engage in no act that results in a conviction;


          (8)  Exemplify high moral standards by not engaging in or becoming a party to such activities as fraud, embezzlement, theft, deceit, moral turpitude, gross immorality, sexual contact with students, illegal drugs, or use of misleading or false statements; and


          (9)  Not misuse or abuse school equipment or property.


          Source: 2 SDR 40, effective December 9, 1975; 11 SDR 96, 11 SDR 112, effective July 1, 1985; 13 SDR 3, effective July 22, 1986; 20 SDR 92, effective December 21, 1993; 27 SDR 141, effective July 3, 2001; 37 SDR 18, effective August 18, 2010.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-43-25.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-43-25.


          Cross-Reference: "Moral Turpitude" defined, SDCL 22-1-2; Grounds for revocation or suspension of certificates, SDCL 13-42-9.


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