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          24:11:03:01.  Code of ethics for professional administrators. The professional administrator shall comply with the following code of ethics:


          (1)  Make the well-being of the students the basis of decision making and action;


          (2)  Enforce and obey local, state, and national rules and laws in the performance of duties;


          (3)  Exemplify high moral standards by not engaging in or becoming a party to such activities as fraud, embezzlement, deceit, moral turpitude, gross immorality, illegal drugs, or use of misleading or false statements;


          (4)  Respect the civil rights of those with whom the administrator has contact in the performance of duties;


          (5)  Interpret, accurately represent, and implement the policies and administrative regulations of the appropriate educational governing board;


          (6)  Distinguish personal politics, attitudes, and opinions from stated policies of the appropriate educational governing board;


          (7)  Fulfill professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity;


          (8)  Maintain professional relationships which are free from vindictiveness, willful intimidation, and disparagement;


          (9)  Safeguard confidential information;


          (10)  Not allow professional decisions or actions to be impaired or influenced by personal gain, gifts, gratuities, favors, and services made or withheld;


          (11)  Avoid preferential treatment and conflicts of interest;


          (12)  Honor all contracts until fulfillment, release, or dissolution by mutual agreement of all parties;


          (13)  Apply for, accept, offer, or assign a position of responsibility on the basis of professional preparation and legal qualifications;


          (14)  Accurately represent personal qualifications and the evaluations and recommendations of others;


          (15)  Cooperate with authorities regarding violations of the codes of ethics of the South Dakota Professional Administrators Practices and Standards Commission and the South Dakota Professional Teachers Practices and Standards Commission.


          Source: 13 SDR 3, effective July 22, 1986; 27 SDR 141, effective July 3, 2001.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-43-45.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-43-45.


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