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CHAPTER 24:14:14



24:14:14:01                           Repealed.

24:14:14:01.01                      Consent.

24:14:14:02                           Opportunity to examine records.

24:14:14:03                           Prior written notice.

24:14:14:04                           Native language.

24:14:14:05                           Parental consent.

24:14:14:06                           Parents' right to decline service.

24:14:14:07                           Surrogate parent.

24:14:14:08                           Repealed.

24:14:14:09                           Assigning a surrogate parent.

24:14:14:10                           Surrogate not to be employee of agency.

24:14:14:11                           Responsibilities of surrogate parent.

24:14:14:12 to 24:14:14:14  Repealed.

24:14:14:15                           Mediation process.

24:14:14:16                           Appointment of mediator.

24:14:14:16.01                      Mediation agreement.

24:14:14:16.02                      Meeting to encourage mediation.

24:14:14:16.03                      Filing a due process complaint.

24:14:14:16.04                      Timeline for filing a due process complaint.

24:14:14:16.05                      Free or low-cost services to parent.

24:14:14:16.06                      Due process complaint notice.

24:14:14:16.07                      Content of due process complaint notice.

24:14:14:16.08                      Sufficiency of complaint.

24:14:14:16.09                      Decision on sufficiency of complaint.

24:14:14:16.10                      Amendment to due process complaint.

24:14:14:16.11                      Agency or provider response to due process complaint.

24:14:14:16.12                      Other party response to due process complaint.

24:14:14:16.13                      Resolution meeting -- Participants.

24:14:14:16.14                      Resolution meeting -- Purpose.

24:14:14:16.15                      Resolution meeting -- Waive or mediate.

24:14:14:16.16                      Resolution period -- General

24:14:14:16.17                      Dismissal of complaint or initiation of hearing.

24:14:14:16.18                      Adjustments to 30-day resolution period.

24:14:14:16.19                      Written settlement agreement.

24:14:14:16.20                      Impartial due process hearing.

24:14:14:16.21                      Subject matter of due process hearings.

24:14:14:16.22                      Timeline for requesting a due process hearing.

24:14:14:16.23                      Impartial hearing officer.

24:14:14:16.24                      Decision of hearing officer.

24:14:14:17                           Repealed.

24:14:14:18                           Hearing rights.

24:14:14:18.01                      Additional disclosure of information.

24:14:14:18.02                      Attorney fees.

24:14:14:19                           Convenience of hearing.

24:14:14:20                           Timelines for hearing.

24:14:14:21                           Appeal of administrative decision.

24:14:14:22                           Status of child during proceedings.

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