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          24:40:13:10.  Treatment of special enrollments for purposes of eligibility: summer sessions, interim sessions, repeated courses, asynchronous distance education courses. The following conditions for purposes of eligibility apply to special enrollments:


          (1)  Summer and interim sessions. Credit hours completed during summer sessions or interim sessions are counted as part of a student's cumulative grade point average. Credit hours earned during the summer or interim sessions do count toward meeting the credit hour thresholds established for the third, fifth, and seventh term of eligibility;


          (2)  Repeated courses. A student who fails to maintain the required cumulative grade point average may repeat courses as part of the student's effort to secure reinstatement of scholarship benefits eligibility under § 24:40:13:07. Repeated courses may not count for purposes of compliance with the credit hour threshold requirement. Upon completion of the repeated course, the grade assigned in the repeated course replaces that assigned in the original course for purposes of calculating the cumulative grade point average;


          (3)  Internships and similar external placements that affect load or grade assignment. A participating institution may request that the executive director issue standing persistence waivers from credit hour thresholds established under §§ 24:40:13:05 and 24:40:13:07, respectively, where institutional policy requires participating students to take a reduced course load during the semester in which an internship occurs.


          Source: 30 SDR 211, effective July 7, 2004; 37 SDR 54, effective September 28, 2010.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-55-36.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-55-34.



          Credit hour threshold requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:05.

          Persistence requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:06.

          Grade point requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:07.


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