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CHAPTER 41:03:01



41:03:01:01       Unauthorized land use and entry on posted land prohibited.

41:03:01:01.01  Time restrictions for use of George S. Mickelson trail -- Exceptions.

41:03:01:01.02  Time restrictions for use of state park system.

41:03:01:01.03  Time restrictions for use of public hunting areas and lake access areas.

41:03:01:01.04  Prohibited use of walk-in areas.

41:03:01:02       Leaving of property on department land.

41:03:01:03       Repealed.

41:03:01:04       Permit required for certain organized events.

41:03:01:05       Destruction or removal of natural or cultural features prohibited -- Exception.

41:03:01:06       Repealed.

41:03:01:07       Commercial use prohibited.

41:03:01:08       Repealed.

41:03:01:09       Repealed.

41:03:01:10       Buildings, erection of signs, advertising, and fences prohibited.

41:03:01:11       Loud speakers prohibited -- Disturbance prohibited.

41:03:01:12       Superseded.

41:03:01:12.01  Repealed.

41:03:01:13       Pet prohibitions.

41:03:01:13.01  Repealed.

41:03:01:14       Horses and riding prohibited -- Exception.

41:03:01:15       Camping in state park, state recreation area, and state lakeside use area allowed only in designated campgrounds -- Fifteen-day limit.

41:03:01:16       Restrictions on use of firearms, crossbows, and bows -- Exceptions.

41:03:01:16.01  Uncased .22 caliber rimfire firearms prohibited -- Exceptions.

41:03:01:16.02  Restrictions on use or possession of firearms on lake and fishing access areas and game production areas -- Exceptions.

41:03:01:16.03  Discharge of firearms and bows on George S. Mickelson Trail prohibited.

41:03:01:16.04  Nontoxic shot areas for target shooting -- Exceptions.

41:03:01:16.05  Restrictions on use or possession of centerfire rifles on lake and fishing access areas and game production areas.

41:03:01:17       Airguns and slingshots prohibited.

41:03:01:18       Repealed.

41:03:01:19       Limitation on tree stands, elevated platforms, and portable blinds.

41:03:01:20       Hiking off trails at Bear Butte without permission prohibited -- Exception.

41:03:01:21       Hang gliding prohibited.

41:03:01:22       Repealed.

41:03:01:23       Residential trash prohibited at department trash facilities.

41:03:01:24       Glass containers prohibited.

41:03:01:25       Jumping and diving at Palisades State Park, Custer State Park, Big Sioux Recreation Area, and Angostura Reservoir prohibited.

41:03:01:26       Use of certain rock climbing aids prohibited -- Exception.

41:03:01:27       Forage restrictions -- Custer State Park and Mickelson Trail.

41:03:01:28       Repealed.

41:03:01:29       Restrictions on use of metal detectors – Written authorization required.

41:03:01:30       Repealed.

41:03:01:31       Alcoholic beverage prohibited at Lake Alvin swim beach.

41:03:01:32       Alcoholic beverage prohibited at Bear Butte State Park.

41:03:01:33       Leaving of human remains at Bear Butte State Park prohibited.

41:03:01:34       Hunter Quarry Lake and Fishing Access Area -- Entry or use prohibited -- exceptions.

41:03:01:35       Bait stations prohibited.

41:03:01:36       Limitation on trail cameras.

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