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CHAPTER 41:06:16



41:06:16:01        Duck hunting season established.

41:06:16:02        High Plains duck hunting season established -- Exception.

41:06:16:02.01   Low Plains duck hunting season established -- Exceptions.

41:06:16:03        Daily bag limit.

41:06:16:04        Repealed.

41:06:16:05        Possession limit.

41:06:16:06        Repealed.

41:06:16:06.01   Goose definitions.

41:06:16:07        Goose hunting season, Conservation Order, and August Management Take established -- Shooting hours -- Exceptions -- Open units -- Closed areas.

41:06:16:07.01   Shotgun shell limit exception.

41:06:16:07.02   Federal migratory waterfowl stamp -- Exception.

41:06:16:08        Special Canada goose hunting unit established -- Limited permits -- Applications.

41:06:16:09        Bag and possession limits on geese.

41:06:16:09.01   Tundra swan season established -- Open units -- Shooting hours.

41:06:16:10        Certain roadways closed to hunting.

41:06:16:11        Maximum number of nonresident waterfowl licenses -- Open units -- Dates -- License restrictions.

41:06:16:11.01   Nonresident waterfowl license purchase restrictions -- Unsold licenses and unit transfer dates.

41:06:16:12        Waterfowl management area.

41:06:16:13        Repealed.

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